Weight Loss Workout

Weight loss training is in demand mainly among girls, as men rarely tend to lose weight.

In addition to the training program, to achieve this goal you will have to monitor your diet.

If your goal is to reduce weight, get rid of the sides and abdomen, then our article is the beginning of your journey! On this page you will find a workout program for weight loss and learn about nutrition.

So, what is more about the weight loss program for girls.

Weight loss training program

Fat burning.

How is it?

We are talking about subcutaneous fat, which accumulates due to lack of mobility, health problems, poor metabolism.

People who have small stature, large amounts of subcutaneous fat and are prone to its accumulation are called endomorphs.

Food 60% affects the result. A protein diet is what you need to lose weight.

Weight Loss Workout

Basics of losing weight

To get a sculpted figure, you need to get rid of the bulk of fat.

To do this, your program should include aerobic and cardiological exercises that will help strengthen the cardiovascular system.

Do not forget about the basic exercises, on which the body spends a large number of calories, while maintaining muscle tone. This is possible with proper nutrition, namely: more protein, less carbohydrates.

The training program is designed for 5 lessons per week, 2 of which will contain only aerobic exercise.

Weight Loss Workout

Training in the gym for weight loss

Training program in the gym for 5 days:

Day 1

  1. Dumbbell bench press on an inclined bench - 3x12
  2. Dips - parallel bars - 3x12
  3. Crossovers - 3x15
  4. Dumbbell lifting for biceps - 3x15
  5. Running - 25 min.

  6. Twisting - 3 sets for max

Day 2

  1. aerobic exercise (swimming, running, outdoor games)

Day 3

  1. Squats with a barbell - 3x12
  2. Leg press in a gukka machine - 3x12
  3. Deadlift on straight legs - 3x12
  4. Sitting dumbbell bench press - 3x12
  5. Leg lift to the horizontal bar - 2 sets for max

Day 4

  1. aerobic exercise (swimming, running, outdoor games)

Day 5

  1. Deadlift - 3x12
  2. Pull-ups - 3 sets for max
  3. Rod pull in the slope - 3x12
  4. Shrugs - 3x15
  5. Running - 20 min
  6. Twists - 3 sets on max
  7. "Velosipe d "-2 sets for max

Weight Loss Workout

Home workouts for weight loss

For the fastest weight loss at home, do 3-4 exercises for 3 sets 15-25 reps. It can be performed both in the morning and in the evening.

  1. Twists
  2. Leg raises lying on the floor
  3. Breaststroke on the back (lying on your back, lift your legs in the stomach)
  4. Abdominal training ( Bike, Leg Curls, Plank, Oblique, Vacuum)

Weight Loss Workout

Weight Loss Nutrition

There are nutrition programs for weight loss, examples of which you can find below. Also, take the habit of keeping a diary in which you will write down everything you ate during the day. You need to record everything, from candy, to a normal meal.

This will help you more closely monitor your diet and everything you ate.

Introducing nutrition programs for people whose goal is to lose weight:

Option 1 consists of 6 meals distributed evenly throughout the day (Calories: 1867 kcal., proteins: 153 g., fats: 73 g., carbohydrates: 177 g.


  1. Omelet 165 g., cheese 30 g., bread 40 g.
  2. Bananas 150
  3. Vegetable salad 170 g, buckwheat porridge 167 g., grilled chicken breast 162 g.

  4. Apples 300g. walnut 30g.
  5. Vegetable stew 237g. boiled pink salmon 254g.
  6. Cottage cheese (1%) 250g.

Option 2 also includes 6 meals. Total energy value is: calories: 1831 kcal. , proteins: 173 g., fats: 41 g., carbohydrates: 198g.


  1. Milk oatmeal 158g.
  2. Carrot salad + apple 300g.
  3. Rice porridge 90g. , grilled beef 157g. , vegetable salad 150g.

  4. Omelet with mushrooms 379g.
  5. Green salad with tuna 250g.
  6. Kefir (1%) 300g.

Option 3 contains 7 meals. Energy value: calories: 1831 kcal.

, proteins: 173 g., fats: 41 g., carbohydrates: 198g.:

  1. Cottage cheese casserole 174g.
  2. Bread rolls 60g.

  3. Macaroni 104g. , boiled shrimp 264g.
  4. Fruit salad 315g.
  5. Grilled chicken breast 162g. , vegetable salad 200g.

  6. Kefir (1%) 300g.
  7. Boiled potatoes 200g.

Weight Loss Workout



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