Weight Loss Gym Workout Program

In many men and women, the gym is associated primarily with losing weight and getting rid of fat. And most of them expect some kind of universal recipe that will suit everyone. However, such a program does not exist. But there is an individual approach with which you can create a personal program or complex for each person.

In this article we will talk about some standards that can be used by each of you.

And, most importantly, we will clearly show what to proceed from when choosing individual programs for classes in the hall.

General principles of creating programs for losing weight

More often people who are overweight, who had not been involved in the gym before, want to get rid of fat. If you are a beginner, you should treat the beginning of training very responsibly, as your body is not yet ready for stress. To lose weight, you first need to bring your cardiovascular system into a combat-ready state. If you immediately get on the track for 30 minutes, it can overload the heart.

Weight Loss Gym Workout Program

It is necessary to use the principle of gradual introduction into the training rhythm. Start small, paying attention to your heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate. These are very important vital indicators, they should not jump to critical values. The main principle of any training is do no harm.

Emphasis on nutrition

A good trainer should understand that a training complex in the gym for the sake of saving from fat is only part of the success.

If his ward, who wants to lose weight, will eat in the previous mode, there will be no result. Indeed, in most cases, completeness is precisely the result of an improper diet and bad eating habits.

The nutrition of men is somewhat different from the female. Therefore, you first need to determine the body's need for nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Weight loss occurs due to a slight reduction in the carbohydrate part relative to the norm.

The trainer (or nutritionist) will be able to offer you a specific nutrition program.

If you introduce this diet into your daily lifestyle - losing weight will already depend on the program of classes in the hall and its compliance. That is, 70% of the path will be covered.

Do not forget about the mineral and vitamin part of nutrition. As food additives, vitamins, chondroprotectors, minerals, including macro- and microelements, should be taken.

Number of repetitions and exercises

In order to have an effect from working in the gym, you need to clearly understand how the complex of exercises for weight loss is built.

The first element of training is cardio. It should start from 5-10 minutes, without much overclocking. If it is an ellipsoid or an exercise bike - you can work even more in the first training session. If the treadmill - you need to be sure to dose the load .

Weight Loss Gym Workout Program

If you are overweight, exercise on the treadmill should start with a quick step walk.Then everything depends on the state of the cardiovascular system and joints. If walking is easy for you and you don’t feel any discomfort during or after your workout, increase the speed a little. Gradually bring to an easy run. Speed ​​running is not needed here.

Do not forget about sneakers with thick soles, as the load on the knee joints will be significant.

After cardio comes the main part of the training, consisting of strength exercises. Your task here is to spend maximum energy.

To burn fat you need to do 15-20 repetitions in each exercise. You need to do it at medium speed, without jerking, but also without stopping at extreme points.

The task is to get rid of fat over the muscles and tone them. Muscle mass will not grow at this stage. You will do it after, when you lose weight. Of course, the program will be different.

As for the weight loss program given in this article, even some exercises should not be ruled out.

Try to use everything: both the base and the secondary elements to strengthen your muscles. All this will ensure active burning of calories and reducing your weight.

If you use another program, remember that the base is the most energy-intensive among the exercises, therefore it is better that they be included in your complex. Even with little weight, they will make you sweat well. It remains only to ensure control by the coach so that you do not hurt yourself by doing something wrong.

Weight Loss Gym Workout Program Download. ..

The choice of weights and a break between sets

Burning body fat in men is not an easy task. For weight loss, you should choose average weights in the hall.

To understand whether that weight or not - do 15-20 repetitions in each exercise. Strength should be enough until the last repetition and still remain a couple of extra. If so, the weight is selected correctly.

Weight Loss Gym Workout Program

The interval between sets is 30-45 seconds. When losing weight, it is important that you rest a little and do a lot.

So pre-cook dumbbells and the right weights.

And do not forget about the right technique. You can’t rush. We work intensively, but thoughtfully! No complex will help if you work incorrectly or half-heartedly.

And now we give an example of a program that can be used as a base for burning fat in men.

Workout program

There are various programs for men that you can use to free your body of excess fat in the fitness room. Here is one complex that you can use unchanged or edit based on the characteristics of your body.

Weight Loss Gym Workout Program

We will be engaged in three times a week. This is the best option for burning extra pounds. Remember the main principles mentioned above.

For convenience, we denote each workout for weight loss by days of the week. You can study on other days, following the rule that there should be one day break between classes.

It’s not worth doing every day - you can easily get overworked. You will successfully get rid of excess fat if you strictly follow the directions of the diet developed for you and the training program in the gym.

Monday :

  1. Cardio 30-40 minutes at an average pace.

  2. Bench press - 3 to 15.
  3. Breeding the dumbbells lying - 3 to 15.
  4. Breaking the dumbbells in an incline - 3 to 20.
  5. Barbell press or dumbbells sitting - 3 to 15.
  6. French bench press - 2 to 20.

  7. Extending the arms on a block while standing - 4 to 20.
  8. Lying torso lying down - 3 to 20 .
  9. Raising the legs in the hanging - 2 to 20.
  10. Cardio 15-20 minutes on average, then in slow motion.

Wednesday :

  1. Cardio 30-40 minutes.

  2. The thrust of the upper block behind the head is 3 to 20.
  3. The thrust of the lower block is 3 to 15.
  4. Hyperextension - 3 to 20 without weight.
  5. Lifting dumbbells for biceps while standing - 2 to 15.
  6. Hammer sitting - 2 to 15.

  7. Breeding dumbbells across the sides - 2 to 20.
  8. Lifting a dumbbell in front of you - 2 to 15.
  9. Twisting in the Roman chair - 3 to 20 without weight.
  10. Cardio 15-20 minutes, like on Monday.

Friday :

  1. Cardio 30 minutes.

  2. Squats with a barbell - 2 to 20.
  3. Leg extension in the simulator - 2 to 20.
  4. Leg bend in the simulator - 2 to 20.
  5. Leg press in three positions: legs together in the center of the support platform, legs wide on the top and wide on the bottom. Repeat each position 20 times.

  6. Climbing on socks: 5 sets of 20 times in different positions of the feet.
  7. Dumbbell bench press sitting on shoulders - 3 sets of 15 times.
  8. Breeding dumbbells through the sides - 3 sets of 15 times.
  9. Twisting in the Roman chair - 3 to 15.
  10. Cardio 10-15 minutes at an average pace.

The complex of the load on the press for the purpose of losing weight of men can be different - choose any elements so that the upper and lower parts work.

There is no deadlift in the program. But, if you have a desire to add it - this can be done on Wednesday after hyperextension.

Your main task (if you decide to make any changes to the complex) is to plan the exercises so that the entire musculature of the body works.

What you need to pay attention to

Your goal is to lose weight.

Therefore, do not chase the scales if it has become very easy to work in any exercise - add one approach or increase the number of repetitions (for example, there were 20 repetitions, 25 became - this is permissible). If you start to increase weight, the body can become hard, and you will lose a lot of strength, but in the end you will not be able to complete the entire program.

Weight Loss Gym Workout Program

No need to use weights when working on the press and back. It's too much. For weight loss, a large enough number of repetitions.

In addition, remember that it makes no sense to do 100 repetitions. There will not be that result, you just start to lose muscle, not fat.

Follow the technique

Due to the fact that the weights you will work with to lose weight are small, you will have a lot of time to learn the correct technique. Try to observe yourself in the mirror, learn the technique of each of the exercises, ask the coach to watch you.

If you decide to do it yourself, still take 3 personal trainings from the trainer.

Ask him to show how each of the program exercises is done. If the coach suggests changes, carefully evaluate everything in terms of your goals.

Take your time

If you have not previously practiced, in the first 2 weeks of losing weight, you may need to do only 50% of the specified number of repetitions in the exercises. Gradually, you will come closer to the desired number of repetitions. This is normal and correct.

Do not overload the body.

The gradual increase in load is optimal for both beginners and experienced athletes. It's just that the latter will have a slightly higher pace.


On the first day, you are unlikely to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes. Start by walking for 5-10 minutes.

Accelerate periodically and slow down again.

Simulators with an advanced interface are very convenient in this regard - they contain various programs, including with a shift load. You do not need to accelerate yourself, change the pace. The simulator will do everything himself.


Do not listen to those who say that you should not drink a lot of water.

To burn extra pounds, drinking is a must.

Decide on your norm (depending on body weight) and try to drink as much water as your body needs. Let a bottle of water near you become a familiar thing.



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