“We need to be strong, but as light as possible”: how the Red Bull Air Race world champion trains and what he eats

- Preparing for the race is the entire career of the pilot. Preparation never stops: in winter, on windy days, when you can’t fly, I train on the ground and work with a psychologist. You must constantly become stronger in order to show the best results in the sky. I like to work on myself - I know myself better, imagine how I will behave in case of an emergency.

Before each race, we study the track plan.

Races take place in different places, tracks change, so it is important to study them well in advance. Most often, a competitive aircraft is waiting for me in the location of the race, and I am at home in the Czech Republic and do not have access to it. Therefore, training takes place on the simulator. The circuit diagram is downloaded to a special computer, and then worked out for hours. I try to constantly improve piloting skills, to develop resistance to overload.

Before the race, we make test flights around the district, not yet involving the race track. On Friday before the race - free flights, on Saturday - qualification, and on Sunday - the final flights. And so every time. On the day of the race, wind and weather play a decisive role - it depends on how the aircraft behaves in the air.



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