“We drop everything and go for a walk in Kamchatka”: Evgeny Kaspersky on hiking, volcanoes and push-button telephones

Eugene Kaspersky runs a large international


(and you probably had Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus program on your computer), and free time, he trains and conquers snow-capped peaks. Why are volcanoes better than mountains? How to find time for training? Where are the most beautiful gyms in the world? Read the Challenger in this article.

- As a child, I did not have many sports hobbies. I loved cross-country skiing. He also ran, for example, from Dolgoprudny, where we then lived, to Khimki.

But the main sports hobby of childhood was sailing, which I did with great pleasure and achieved good results for my age. But then I had to choose: either a professional sports career, or studying at a physical education school. It was not possible to combine both cases - it took too much time and energy (something tells me that he was not mistaken with the choice).

Now there is enough time only for classes in the gym - I pull a little barbell and other mechanisms. And on vacation I prefer hiking - hiking, trekking and other activities, which require only good boots and a backpack behind.

Kayaking, rafting and kayaking are also respected, but this is more of an episodic entertainment.

I do not like to sit in one place, I prefer to discover something new all the time. More often than not, the most impressive natural beauties are some distance from civilization, and hiking is the best (if not the only) way to get to them. According to a long tradition, like-minded people drop every two or three years in the summer and go for a walk in Kamchatka, with all its volcanoes, crazy landscapes, wild bears and other diversity. Tourism should be just foot and contemplative! For me, this is the best rest and a great reboot.

Everyone has their own secret of balance and harmony, there is definitely no common recipe. Family and work are my two constants. Travel, hobbies, sports, health - the variables are no less important, but it is the variables!

For a month from a little to I begin to engage more often in the gym, to prepare myself for intense loads. I run more, squat - I prepare my legs. But in general I am not a fan of real mountain tourism.

I did not have as many serious ascents - the volcano of Orizaba, Kilimanjaro and Fuji. Day trip to Tolbachik I do not consider climbing. I like volcanoes much more than mountains, and in my free time I prefer to climb just them. Even once wrote a post about this in his blog:

"12 reasons why volcanoes are cooler than mountains"


There were enough dangerous situations for my camping life.

As a result of one of these last year, my Kamchatka vacation was halved. He arrived home in a cast, banally slipping on a snowfield. He flew down three hundred meters. It’s good that I survived. I plan to return and be sure to finish the route.

Previously carried away also skiing. Alpine skiing is a combination of the stunning beauty of landscapes, speed, adrenaline and cool physical activity. There are not many sports that combine all this. I really "hurt" skiing for quite some time, but, alas, I was already ill - I just got tired.

He loved a gurney in the Alps: Zermatt, Sölden, Lech, Italian Dolomites.

It was also great to ride in Davos during the World Economic Forum. The tracks there are quite ordinary. But on the slopes of almost nobody - you feel like the king of the mountain. But I'm afraid that there may be problems with the reservation of housing.

The person is healthy when he feels normal, he does not hurt anything and there are no restrictions on movement, travel and other activities.

And what needs to be done for this? Here, each recipe has its own. I’m lucky, I have good genes. So far, I can handle it. The “classic” healthy lifestyle with strict diets, grueling workouts and other mockeries is not about me!

If I’m in Moscow, I train three to four times a week. Our office has a full-fledged gym, rooms for group training.

They are available to all employees free of charge from morning to evening. Someone walks before or after work, someone during the day. Everyone has their own arrangements with direct managers, their own schedules. In this sense, everything in our company is quite democratic. And I go to this hall.

Over the years of travel, I already have my favorite hotel gyms. For example, in Singapore - on the 55th floor with views on both sides of the city: from a rocking chair with glands - to city landscapes, and from treadmills - to the botanical garden and the open sea (or vice versa, I don’t remember exactly). If before business meetings, after or between them there is time and energy, I try to work out, or at least run on a treadmill.

Unfortunately, follow the power with my a travel schedule is almost impossible. I have over a hundred flights a year.

To build any strict principles with so many trips is useless. Today I eat at home or in the office, tomorrow I have lunch on the plane, and I have dinner at a restaurant with partners.

I don’t eat fast food, and I don’t like it at all. I restrict carbohydrates - bread, sweets, chips and other harmful effects. I try to refuse dessert, but it doesn’t always work out.

I like to eat tasty food, but still I relate to food quite utilitarian. This is fuel. Most of all I like Chinese and Japanese cuisine. To gourmet cuisine, Michelin stars and other culinary delights indifferent.

I myself don’t cook, but I eat home-made with pleasure.

The wife feeds deliciously. I love her signature version of Russian-Chinese borsch.

I treat gadgets like inevitable reality. But I myself am not addicted. I don’t use a smartphone, I go with a simple push-button mobile.

But I am almost always in touch and the laptop is always with me. I check the mail day and night. They often change places because of constant movements around the globe. Hiking in the same Kamchatka helps to disconnect. There is simply no connection.



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