We are adjusting for the season: 7 films about skiing and snowboarding

A documentary about extremals who live in mountains and waves. Mountain skiers and snowboarders test themselves and the mountains for strength in the Himalayas, allowing viewers to look inside the ski culture. The frames of the highest peaks of the world fascinate and make you think about the eternal. After this film, many will want to quickly collect equipment and buy plane tickets. Dizzying freeride, snow-white hats of snow, perseverance and the spirit of adventure - the picture is filled with all that is so lacking in urban everyday life.

The first film of the extreme team Lip Crew , which travels across Russia in search of snowboard adventures. During the filming of "You Can Live Here" the guys drove through the snowiest places in Siberia. They started in Novosibirsk, drove into Krasnoyarsk for the Slopestyle and Big Air Cup of Russia, bathed in Lake Baikal (in January!). The main location of the trip was the Mamai River Gorge, where lovers of wild freeriding go. It’s not easy to get there, just on foot or by snowmobile.

But the inconvenience and life in the forest hut are worth it: kilometers of pristine puff and complete unity with nature were waiting for riders in the very heart of Siberia.

The Russian Caucasus is an amazing place where you can relax at sea in summer, and immerse yourself in a ski fairy tale in winter . "Southern Story" tells of a road trip of three friends in search of snow and drive. The adventure begins at the festival New Star Camp in the resort "Rosa Khutor" and continues climbing to Elbrus and descending from its top on a snowboard. After the guys go to Dagestan, where the incredible nature surrounds at every step and is complemented by the incredible hospitality of local residents.

The Inaccessible Ushba in Georgia attracts hundreds of freeriders every year . Three skiers went to Svaneti for wild heli-skiing, mountaineering on the border of life and death and seconds of breathtaking descents along slopes with a slope close to 90 degrees. The mini-film allows you to experience not only the dizzying beauty of the mountains, but also the friendliness of the locals who have lived all their lives at the foot of the mystical two-headed mountain.

Kamchatka is an ideal place for lovers of extreme sports. Climbing volcanoes and skiing down from their peaks, surfing in the Pacific Ocean, spending the night on an old ship in the bay, one of the most impressive heli-skiing in the world - all this is possible in Kamchatka.

In 2018, the Lip Crew team went to the peninsula in search of silence and tested the hospitality of the inhabitants and the extraterrestrial beauty of the region, making this an entire movie.

To make an exciting film about freeride is not as easy as it seems at first glance. It took the American team Matchstick Production two years to break in the most snowy forests and resorts of the West Coast of America, to climb where there are no lifts, to make beautiful descents, leaving small avalanches under the shining sun.The main characters of the film are sure: when you do what you love, life is beautiful.

Lhotse is a mountain in the Himalayas with a height of 8 516 meters, which is only 300 meters below Everest.

Skiers Hilary Nelson and Jim Morrison decided on a difficult and grueling adventure: climb Lhotse with skis and be the first to descend from the fourth-highest eight-thousanent world. The climb took a month, during which the extremals gradually gained height, got acquainted with the local Sherpas, spent the night in tents and fought with the icy wind. All for the sake of one historical descent.



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