Wabi-Sabi snowboarding film to be shown in Moscow

Wabi-Sabi is a short film by Yevgeny Ivanov about a big snowboard trip. Wabi, translated from Japanese, means "secluded life surrounded by nature, away from society," and Sabi means "cold." Filming took place in Russia, Kazakhstan, Austria and Japan.

The film shows the creative side of snowboarding and off-piste skiing in large mountains. The characters of the film enjoy the incredible nature of the Charyn Canyon and Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan, climb the wild mountains of the Almaty region, travel by train along the Trans-Siberian Railway.

The ferry from Vladivostok to Japan, caravans, helicopter and balloon flights, snowmobiles and hiking in various regions of the Kamchatka Peninsula inspire you to travel and search for your destination.

Snowboarders Artyom Teymurov, Evgeny Ivanov, Artyom Sheldovitsky, Maxim Ionov, Konstantin San, Artyom Pichkhadze, Peter Ershov, Peter Vinokurorv, Johan Rosen and Matteus Lestage.

The premiere of the film will take place on November 8 at the Eldar cinema in Moscow. Tickets are available on site.



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