Vitamin-mineral complexes or multivitamins

Vitamin-mineral complexes (multivitamins) - nutritional supplements that help the body adapt to high loads, provide it with the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are difficult to obtain from modern products.

Vitamin-mineral complexes or multivitamins

Varieties of multivitamin complexes

Today a wide range of multivitamins is available, which vary compositions, purpose and form of release. Pharmaceutical companies produce drugs for pregnant women, the elderly, young children and athletes.

Multivitamins are presented in various forms. The most popular forms of taking such complexes are tablets and capsules.

This is due to their availability and convenience.

In addition, you can purchase multivitamins in the form of powder, liquids and injectable solutions. It is believed that the latter option is preferable for professional athletes, as it is characterized by fast digestibility.

The choice of form is associated with both goals and personal preferences of the athlete.

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Vitamins for athletes

It is extremely difficult to achieve outstanding results in the sports field without the use of additives. Studies show that taking vitamin-mineral complexes has a positive effect on the body, contributes to the growth of athletic performance.

Many people are familiar with the so-called plateau effect. It consists in a sharp decrease in progress in training when gaining muscle mass or reducing the percentage of fat in the body.

This is often explained by the lack of certain vitamins and minerals, which can occur even with a thoughtful diet.

The usual high-calorie and balanced diet is not suitable for most athletes. Especially acute is the problem of bodybuilders. They cannot afford fruits and many vegetables, which leads to a serious shortage of certain substances.

At the same time, the needs of the body for vitamins and minerals of professional athletes are significantly increased.

Multivitamins will help to quickly improve the situation and fill the need of the body. These drugs are very convenient in that they can be used in different phases of the training process. They are equally useful both when losing weight, and when working on the mass.

How to take multivitamins?

The regimen is completely dependent on the chosen drug. The main recommendation is to strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Carefully read it and, if necessary, adjust your schedule for taking sports supplements.

The standard course of multivitamins takes about 2 months. After its completion, you should take a short break (1-1.5 months). Such a schedule will keep the athlete in good condition.

Longer use of vitamins is undesirable, as the body may cease to absorb some substances from ordinary foods.

Daily Values ​​

On the packages of multivitamins the daily norms of consumption (RDA) are indicated. These values ​​are doses of essential vitamins and minerals that the human body needs daily. Norms depend on gender and age, as well as on the level of physical activity.

RDAs are far from universal.

When studying them, the following facts should be taken into account:

  1. The amount of vitamins and minerals in the norms is intended to prevent a significant deterioration in health. They do not reflect the optimal doses of substances for its improvement.
  2. RDAs are extremely averaged. They are well suited to some people and may not suit others at all.
  3. The rules do not include those cases when the body needs an increased intake of a certain vitamin or mineral.

From this information we can conclude that the intake standards for vitamins and minerals should not be considered as a universal recommendation.

You can accurately assess the needs of your body using a blood test and its interpretation by a doctor. This technique is relevant for professional bodybuilders in the preparation season for the competition.

The choice of ideal multivitamins

In sports nutrition stores and pharmacies you can find thousands of drugs from hundreds of brands and manufacturers. They vary significantly in price, but have only slight differences in composition.

What explains the high cost of individual multivitamins? In cheap complexes, the components are often unbalanced. This simplifies the production process, but at the same time affects the digestibility.

Complex technological processes are used in the manufacture of expensive additives. This allows you to improve their absorption and enhance the action of individual elements. Such complexes will give a more pronounced and lasting result.

During the assimilation of vitamins and minerals, a negative or positive interaction between its components can occur. Usually this point is taken into account in drugs of medium and high price category.

Some modern manufacturers also consider the gender of the athlete. They are designed taking into account the physiological characteristics of men and women, and therefore are more effective.

Vitamin-mineral complexes are safe for health, because their composition is perceived by the body in a natural way.

In the same way, natural nutrients from food are absorbed. The main goal of multivitamins is to optimize metabolism and improve health.



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