Vice President Mastercard spoke about the evolution of the brand of payment system

For more than 20 years, the platform

Pr22celess Mastercard

has been inspiring people to achieve goals and find new hobbies. In 2018, the company created the movement #StartSomethingPriceless , calling for the start of something new and special.

As conceived by the company's specialists, not only recognizable branding in the form of two circles, but also music should be associated in people with Mastercard. In 2019, the track Sonik was introduced. It was created by composer and arranger Mike Shinoda from the rock band Linkin Park along with other musicians.

In the spring of 2020, the company will present its own album - 11 tracks for it will be recorded by world famous musicians.

In Russia, Mastercard card holders can hear the Sonik melody when making transactions in Yandex Poster or paying for purchases with a smartphone with the Wallet Pay service of the Russian company Cards Mobile.

In September 2019, Mastercard launched the Taste of the Priceless campaign. In partnership with the world-famous confectionery studio Ladurée, the company created a pasta cake in two brand colors of the brand - red and orange . While the dessert is not on sale, it is available only to the company's customers.



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