“Veterans are not only grandfathers in medals, but also young active guys.” Ekaterina Kruglova - about the fund for veterans “Memory of generations”

When the foundation was just starting out, we searched for veterans through our founders and veteran organizations that have large, extensive networks of representative offices in the regions, and they sent us lists. Now the brand "Memory of Generations" has become more recognizable - and we are already being contacted directly.

We fully cover the needs of our customers. There are different mechanisms of fundraising (the process of raising funds. - Approx.

Ed.) , there is a list of individuals, certain mechanisms (including through our partner banks), when we launch some deposits with deductions to the fund. We have developed partnership programs with different companies, these are small, medium and large businesses with state participation.

We rarely have situations when our clients are between life and death. But I cannot say that we are not saving or changing lives.

For example, one of the first stories. Valery Gudaev (unfortunately, he is no longer alive) was a participant in the hostilities in Afghanistan. The car he was in was blown up by a mine. Valery was completely immobilized. For ten years he lay in the room in this state, as if in a prison of his own body.

When we learned about this story from a veteran organization, we proposed options for special beds that could change the position of the body. But he refused everything and said that he wanted to die. Nevertheless, he ordered a bed - along with proper nutrition and rehabilitation facilities. A month later, the wife called, apologized and asked if we could order and deliver him a special stroller. Then she said such a phrase, after which we all cried: “He wanted to leave the house.

” For the first time in ten years, he himself wanted to leave the house! After this, he and his wife often began to be in the fresh air, were able to go to church. Valery lived a little more than a year, but that year was radically different from the previous ten.

And our, one might say, the pride of 2018. A war veteran in Chechnya, a young guy in a small town in the Krasnodar Territory, was hit by a car. With numerous fractures, head injuries, he ended up in one of the Krasnodar hospitals.

For several months, he then fell into a coma, then left it. His weight dropped to 37 kg. We can say that he had a vegetative state, he did not recognize anyone. The hospital began to write him out with the words "tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he will die." But he turned out to be incredibly active sister and mother, they collected half a million rubles on their own, this is a very large amount for such a small city.

When they entered our foundation, we sent out their documents to all medical partners in Moscow. One institution agreed to accept them. Then the question of transportation arose. The story happened at the end of June, at which time the World Cup was held in Russia, including matches in Krasnodar. Flight corridors were oversaturated, but we managed to organize a flight.

After six months of rehabilitation and two operations, the young man returned to normal. He had one more operation left, and he would go.

In total, more than 7,800 veterans received assistance during the foundation’s existence.



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