Valio plays a shopping tour in Europe with a personal stylist

In the framework of the new campaign, the brand, together with actress Ekaterina Volkova and famous bloggers, draws a lot of gifts.

The promotion runs from June 1 to August 31. To participate, you need to buy several positions of processed Viola cheese. Each participant who scored a total of five points will receive a guaranteed bonus on the phone. Customers who register a cheese purchase check as part of the promotion will take part in the weekly prize draw.

Among the gifts, 13 gift certificates will be drawn in the Lamoda online store. The winner of the main prize, a shopping tour in Europe, will be announced on September 3.

From June 22 to July 31, well-known bloggers will hold a flash mob "Fashion Relay Relay" on Instagram. Participants will publish photos of their new and old images, share stories of transformations and pass the baton to friends. To participate, you need to upload a photo with the hashtag # Viola Inspires.

Authors of the most unusual stories will receive certificates for shopping.

To participate in the promotion you need to


receipts confirming the purchase. You can find out the required number of points in

"Promotion Rules"




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