Upper press - exercises at home and in the gym

Traditionally, the upper press is usually called four cubes located above the navel, and the bottom, respectively, is everything that is lower. However, the abdominal press is a whole muscle (the cubes form tendon lintels), and its division into 2 parts is very arbitrary. Therefore, the exercises for the upper press, which we will consider in this article, affect the rest of it, just to a lesser extent.

We work out the press at home

We will delight you - you don’t need to go out, everything can be done at home. We need:

  • fitness mat (required);
  • tilted bench for the press (optional, but better to have);
  • 1-2 dumbbells with pancakes.

Upper press - exercises at home and in the gym

Exercises on the mat: twisting and raising the body

We close the windows so that there is no draft. You will need to lie from 5 minutes or more. During this time, you can blow. We stele the rug and lay back on it:

  1. Hands behind the head or we cross them on the chest.
  2. Feet bent at the knees, or throw them on a chair, sofa, bed.

  3. On exhalation we raise the body, on inspiration we lower it. Lift the housing to the maximum possible point. For beginners, it is enough to bend the back in the upper section slightly, raising his head.
  4. We do 2-3 sets of 15-30 times. On the first day, you can do 1 set of 30 reps.

The legs need to be bent in order to press the lower back to the floor. If your legs are straight, your buttocks will interfere, and your lower back will arch.

Upper press - exercises at home and in the gym

The exercises involving lifting and bending the upper part of the body are aimed at training the upper press. To pump up the lower press you need, on the contrary, raise your legs. However, we remember that the press is a whole muscle, therefore its lower part always works together with the upper one.

In the above exercise, you can increase the load of the lower section by lifting your legs into the air.

When rocking the upper abdomen, you must not forget about the bottom. To do this, we recommend that you do a second press-folding exercise at home. It looks like this:

  1. We lie down on the mat. The arms are extended upward (it turns out parallel to the floor), or along the body (this option will be noticeably easier).

    The feet are on the floor.

  2. We begin the simultaneous movement of the knees and hands with the body towards each other. Hands go over knees knees. Legs need to be slightly bent. With straight legs, the exercise will not work.

    Do not forget to breathe correctly: exhale on the rise, move back - inhale.

  3. The pelvis is the fulcrum for your body at the highest point. Your task is to maintain balance so as not to fall on one side.

Here is another interesting version of the exercise, which can also pump the oblique muscles of the abdomen at home:

  1. We lie on our back. Knees bent, legs on the floor or thrown on a sofa, bed or chair.

  2. Hands behind the head with elbows to the sides (the only way).
  3. Twist the body and take out the left elbow of the right knee. We are going down to the starting position.
  4. We reach with the right elbow to the left knee.In this case, the knees do not move (feet on the floor), and the movements are carried out by twisting the body.

Thus, the upper press and oblique muscles, located just from the sides of the upper part, work. We breathe correctly!

If you want to swing the lower press in parallel, you can use the option with lifting the body and legs bent at the knees. At the same time, we move each other's elbow and the elbow of the same name. It turns out that each repetition of the exercise involves one side of the upper and lower abdomen.

Upper press - exercises at home and in the gym

It is much easier to pump up the abdominal muscles at home (both the lower part of the press and the upper) if you buy an inclined press bench.

With it, you can work with extra weight. The load in this case will be higher and the muscles will grow faster.

If you start to work with weights, then you should not swing two parts of the abdomen in one day. Do one thing, it will be difficult to swing both parts at once. It’s easier to throw a couple pounds of fat to make the cubes more visible.

Home exercises for overweight people

It is known that overweight people find it difficult to pump up due to frequent back pain (or just hard to do exercises ) Therefore, you should increase the load gradually. Two or three approaches of 15-30 times in this case will be a lot. Do the first week 10 times. Every time try to raise the case higher.

Start with the usual lifting of the body while lying down and twisting, when the elbow goes to the knee.

Then take turns raising your knees and body. This is where your abdominal workout ends.

If you do everything correctly, then after 2-3 weeks you can already fold several times, and the lower press together with the upper one will noticeably strengthen.

Now we will consider exercises for the upper press, which can be performed in the gym.

If at home you don’t have enough motivation, get a membership to a fitness club.

There you will have an external will in the person of a coach, who will not only draw up a training program for you, but will also monitor its implementation.


Download the press in the gym

Let's talk about the Roman chair and the reclining press bench (there are many options). For someone, these are generally types of the same simulator.

There are benches that do not have legs that can be attached to the Swedish wall. There are benches with adjustable backrest.

And there are classic Roman chairs, where there is a foot mount and support for the pelvis. It’s very convenient for them to swing the top press.

Rises in the Roman chair

In the classical Roman chair, you should be careful. Since your body is in a free state (there is no support for the back), and the entire load to hold it goes to the lower back. With weak muscles of the press, or problems with the spine, pain in the lumbar region can occur.

If you feel discomfort while doing exercises in the Roman chair, then your body is not yet ready for such a load.

Upper press - exercises at home and in the gym

  • In the Roman chair, one should not go far back down. It is enough to deviate slightly above the parallel with the floor, then return to the opposite position.
  • Raise the body completely, or work near the level of parallel - you decide. We recommend that you provide the maximum amplitude for muscle contraction.

For beginners, lifting the case in the Roman chair will be too difficult an exercise, and not everyone will be able to do it right the first time.

Press on an inclined bench

Another option when you are working on an inclined bench. Here you can adjust the angle of the backrest. You hang upside down, so the greater the angle of inclination, the more the gravitational force of the Earth will impede you.

Upper press - exercises at home and in the gym

You need to start at 30 degrees.

It is advisable to lower your back to the bench, but you can not touch it with your head. So you keep the tension of the working muscles. Keep your hands behind your head or chest.

On the bench you can work with extra weight. When you are strong enough, you can perform exercises for the upper press with pancakes from the bar or with dumbbells.

We recommend working on an inclined bench, and not on a Roman chair, since in this case there will be a comfortable support for your back.

You can swing the press on the bench in two versions:

  • Round the back - then the upper press works more.
  • And do not round your back - the load will be evenly distributed throughout the press. In this case, the load on the lower back also increases. If she is sick, this is the option for you.

The first option, in our opinion, is more convenient.

You can increase the load due to a sharper angle relative to the floor. However, in this case, there is a risk of a jump in blood pressure, since you will lie upside down. It is better to swing the press with weight, rather than zealous with the corners. You are not a ninja.

The inclined bench trains the upper part of the press in the maximum way, but the lower section, on the contrary, is used minimally.



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