Ultimate instruction: how to pack a bag for training

How to pack things for training and not to forget anything? Gather according to this instruction: we took into account all the little things and made a detailed list of the equipment necessary for the gym.

To go to the gym, get a roomy bag or backpack, which will fit everything you need. It is convenient to have a separate bag only for sports, then you do not have to shift the necessary little things every time. Choose bags from materials that are easy to wash, with plenty of pockets and compartments to lay out everything you need.

In the warm season, this is a T-shirt and shorts from breathable materials (or leggings, bicycles).

In the cold season - long pants and a sweatshirt, if the room is cool. Leave too short shorts for the beach - in the hall in them it will be uncomfortable to do some exercises. Do not forget socks: choose special sports, they remove moisture and prevent chafing. Girls will still need a sports sconce.

Ultimate instruction: how to pack a bag for training

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Strip and hair bands . When hair gets into your eyes, it’s impossible to concentrate on doing the exercises. So the strip and gum will be useful to all owners of long hair.

Headphones. Great if they are wireless.

The wires will not interfere with the exercises, and the phone can be left a few meters away. Just remember to charge your headphones before your workout. By the way, in the gym bag you can constantly keep one pair of spare headphones if the main ones suddenly run out or stay at home.

Bottle. Pour water with you in advance or already in the hall, if there is a cooler there - save, and there will be less plastic waste.

Fitness gadgets. A watch, tracker, or cardiomonitor if you use it in training.

Charging. Keep a spare cable in your training bag to charge your phone - sooner or later it will come in handy.


One small thing to take with you to the gym (put on simulators and wipe sweat). The second is a bathhouse to wipe off after a shower (unless towels are given out in your room).

Cosmetics. Shower gel, cleanser, deodorant, shampoo (regular or dry), wet wipes to clean up after a workout. If a job or meeting awaits you next, bring along a perfume, decorative cosmetics.

Do not forget the comb.

Shales. Slippers for a shower weigh a little, and walking in the locker room is more hygienic than barefoot.

Ultimate instruction: how to pack a bag for training

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This is a card or subscription where you go to the club.

Life hack: always keep the pass in your training bag so you don’t forget it at home.

Clothing and removable underwear, into which you will change clothes after training.

Energy bar, banana, an apple or a sports drink - be sure to bring a light snack with you to the gym to restore strength after a workout.

Ultimate instruction: how to pack a bag for training

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In the morning only take her with you.

Lay out the form in packages so that after training there is where to clean dirty things. Leave the folded bag in the hallway or near the front door.

Lifehack for those who like spontaneity: keep in your car or at work shorts, a T-shirt and a spare pair of sneakers. This is the minimum form kit that will help out if you suddenly want to practice.



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