UFC fighter Nikita Krylov: “Now I’m doing what I’ve dreamed about since childhood”

UFC light heavyweight champion Nikita Krylov began his sporting career with a rare kind of karate, and only at the age of 20 he entered mixed martial arts. We talked with Nikita about the first fights, preparation for fights, favorite music for entering the octagon and made sure: everyone who sincerely loves their job is capable of much.

I have been involved in sports since childhood: at ten years old my father brought me to Kyokushin kai (one of the toughest types of karate. - Note ed. ), which I studied for six years.

I fulfilled the standard of a master of sports, won the European Championship among juniors, then took a short break, but the sport did not quit. At twenty, she was lucky enough to be in the hall where MMA fighters trained. My professional career began with this.

I remember the first victory: it was in Donetsk, in July 2012. By that time I was engaged in mixed martial arts for about three to four months.

My opponent was a heavyweight boxer. I won the first round. It was an interesting experience, which was my first test. As a result, I established myself well, continued to train and perform.

When I stand in the octagon ( octagonal ring in mixed martial arts.

- Note.ed. ) and remains a few seconds before the signal for battle , I am aware of the present moment, I am concentrating - it is important to do everything that I have been practicing in recent months.

There is no particular tension before the fight, rather, some kind of ambiguity in thoughts. I just think about everything.

I normally endure social pressure, but nevertheless it’s better to disengage before the fight.

I can not say that some kind of victory for the whole career was especially important, but pleasant emotions were after a victorious rematch with Ovins Saint-Prue (American mixed martial arts fighter, acts under the auspices of the UFC. - Approx. ed. ).

During the first battle, there were no thoughts with him - I just wanted to continue to fight. Then I did not have special experience in battles, did not even know the technique with which he strangled me. I started to go the wrong way, although I thought that I was doing the opposite. I decided that I would turn over now, but suddenly " the lights went out " (during the fight on March 16, 2014, Nikita refused to give up and lost consciousness from asphyxiation. - Note.

Ed .).

- After the victory you are welcome to see a little more is normal.

There are no fighters with whom I would not want to compete. I remember the fight with Misha Tsirkunov (a Latvian fighter of the mixed style of the light heavyweight category, whom Nikita lost in the UFC fight in May 2016 at the tournament in Rotterdam.

- Approx. Ed. ) - probably, this was not something welcome. He was the only guy I recognized when I was at the UFC — we met in Canada. I could not tune in to the battle - most likely due to my youth.

Now I wouldn’t lose, although I don’t thirst for revenge with him.

What happens after the victory and after the defeat is not very is different. Of course, after the victory, we are glad to see you a little more. No wonder they say: victory has a thousand fathers, and defeat is always an orphan. This is normal, this is how the world works.

I don’t particularly celebrate victories - I spend time with relatives and friends.

My goal is to get a belt the organization in which I speak is Fight Nights Global (the belt receives the winner of the tournament. - Comment ed. ). I have a belt of a Russian organization, I am trying to get a title fight for the UFC championship belt.

At some time, it became easier for me to watch the fights and enjoy every fight. It’s hard to imagine what I would do if it weren’t for sports. I didn’t really like classes before my sports career. I understood that I wouldn’t work in the mine all my life (before my fighting career, Nikita managed to work as a miner, which is why he got such a nickname. - Approx.

Ed. ). Now I am doing what I dreamed about since childhood.

To the battle UFC in Moscow a year ago, I came up not in the best shape. The effects of weight loss and training began to come out.

I needed time to recover from the injuries I received during my performances at Fight Nights Global. So I spent three months without a gym - it was the longest time without training in my memory.

I can’t leave the workouts for more than a month. Usually it is " vacation " after the battle. But even at this time I don’t give up sports: I run, play volleyball or basketball.

I can watch TV shows, lying on the couch, but I won’t call myself a fan. If I start to watch, I get carried away and I can’t stop, but this is already bad. Therefore, I try to relax differently. I like to be in solitude: once I left for a month in Las Vegas and spent almost all the time there at the hotel. I went out only for training.

My place of power is Donbass , I feel there in a special way, draw energy. I hope one day I can thank this land.

I always go out to the battle to the songs of Rem Diggie. His work for me is more than just songs. At first I was inspired by songs, and then we met Roman, and I recognized him as a person.

His music gives me energy, charge, the right attitude. Will I go out to the songs of other guys? It's hard to say, I like many artists, but the fight is a very intimate topic, and Roma’s songs are closer to me than the rest.

- Love what you do, and be guided only by this love.

Young athletes I want to say one thing: do not be afraid. Believe in yourself and your strengths, love what you do.

You do not have to be led by the desire to become famous - love what you are doing and be led only by that love. Then everything will turn out much faster. And listen to the body - this is the main assistant.

I talked with a huge number of nutritionists and nutritionists. They talked about what I already knew from my own experience.

Of course, I'm not a saint, I can break loose and overeat, but recently this has been happening less and less. Always listen to yourself.



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