Twisting on the upper block - we train the press

Twisting on the upper block - we train the press

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The classic way to strengthen the muscles of the press is to regularly perform twisting.

One of the options for this exercise is twisting on the upper block of the cable simulator. They allow you to work out the muscles as efficiently as possible and remove unnecessary load from the lumbar region.

Work of muscles

When performing twisting on the block, absolutely all abdominal muscles work in a complex manner. This is the main advantage of this exercise.

Twisting on the upper block - we train the press
The muscles of the press working during the exercise.

More specifically, the following are involved in the movement:

  • rectus abdominis muscle;
  • oblique muscles (external and internal);
  • transverse muscles (located under the internal oblique).

The undoubted plus of twisting on the block is that their execution does not create a load on the lower back. The exercise is quite comfortable and suitable for those people who have suffered injuries of the lower back and spine.

Of course, an important condition for the safety and effectiveness of the exercise is to observe the technique of movement. We will discuss this later.


Twisting on the block is performed on a cable simulator. If you have been visiting the gym for a long time, the simulator with the upper block is familiar to you in training the muscles of the back and arms.

Twisting on the upper block - we train the press

First you need to set up the simulator and take its initial position:

  1. Attach the rope handle to the cable. Of course, you can perform exercises with a straight handle, but it is not so convenient and effective.
  2. Set a small weight (a large weight will pull you up and prevent you from observing the technique).

  3. Stand facing the treadmill and grab the handle by the ends so that both palms look inward. If you still decide to use a straight handle, grab it with a grip on top.
  4. Step back 1 step. Do not go too far. The maximum allowable distance is 1.

    5 m. Pull the handle toward you with your elbows bent and carefully kneel down.

  5. Pull the handle to the head and round the body. The back should not straighten, and the press should relax throughout the movement.

Execution :

  1. As you exhale, twist the body forward, with your head down almost to the floor.

    Make sure that the back is rounded and not straightened, and the torso does not swing to the sides. Reduce the abdominal muscles as much as possible, pull the ribs inward.

  2. On inspiration, return to starting position.

Repeat 20-25 times non-stop and take a break. Take 1-2 more approaches.


The main mistake that beginners make when doing twists on a block is that they confuse this exercise with inclines.The inclinations practically do not affect the abdominal muscles, transferring the main tension to other muscles. This makes twisting useless.

  • When you do the twisting, be sure to round the back from the level of the lower back to the shoulders. In this case, avoid the formation of deflection in the lower back.

    If you do the exercise with a straight back, the entire load from the press will go to the back muscles.

  • Do not pause too long and do not linger at any point in the amplitude. One rep should follow another until the very end of the exercise. Rest is necessary only between sets.
  • At the lower point of the amplitude, the elbows should come closer to the knees, but do not pull the weight down with your hands.

    Hands are just a “hitch” to you and the simulator, only the abs muscles make an effort. Many try to stoop too low, literally touching their forehead with the floor. In fact, an excessive tilt not only does not make the exercise more effective, but, on the contrary, does not allow the muscles to work correctly.

  • Try to maintain your abdominal tension throughout the exercise.
  • Keep your torso in one position.

    Rocking the body will result in part of the load going to the hips.

  • Do not use heavy weights. Blocks that are too heavy can provoke strains in the muscles of the hands, injure the elbow joints, and simply pull you up, not allowing the exercise to complete. To prevent this, select the optimal weight.

Like other press exercises, twisting on a block simulator should be performed at the end of the workout.

The lesson should be completed by stretching.

Twisting on the upper block effectively affects the superficial and deep muscles of the press. Performing this exercise regularly will allow you to achieve the cherished cubes, reduce your waist and give your stomach a perfect shape. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced athletes.

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Twisting on the upper block - we train the press

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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team. .



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