Twisting in the simulator: the right technique

Twisting in the simulator: the right technique

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Twisting in the simulator is an exercise for the targeted study of the muscles of the press.

Its advantage over twists on the floor or in the Roman chair is to reduce the load on the lumbar spine. In addition, the use of the simulator makes the training more intense and allows you to gradually increase the load, increasing weight.

Work of muscles

Like all other twists, this exercise is aimed at a detailed study of the muscles of the abdomen. The main load is borne by the rectus abdominis, partly oblique. The iliac-lumbar muscles are also included (they bend the thigh, pulling it to the lumbar spine).

All other muscles in the body play the role of stabilizers.

Twisting in the simulator: the right technique

The correct technique will allow you to concentrate all the tension in the muscles of the press, which ultimately will make the exercise as much as possible effective and will give an impressive result.

This exercise is relatively safe for the joints and spinal column. For this reason, almost all people can do the exercise without restriction. The one exception is fresh spinal injury.


To begin, prepare the simulator by adjusting it in height and setting the necessary weight. Depending on the features of the simulator, you will need to adapt the exercise technique a little. Exercise machines come with rollers or straps, but the general principle of performing movements is the same.

If you just started training, limit yourself to average weighting, if necessary, the load can always be increased.

Adjust the seat so that you can comfortably rest your legs and the back of your shoulders on the cushions of the simulator.

There are also designs where you rest your chest against the roller. It is important that you can easily control your body position. When the simulator is ready, you can start the exercise:

  1. Sit in the simulator. Hands grab his hands, shoulders rest in pillows. If you have a treadmill with a roller in front of your chest, it is better to put your hands back, and not stretch them forward, reducing the load on the press.

  2. In the initial position, twist a little. It is necessary that the tiles of the simulator slightly raised.
  3. As you exhale, twist. Hold in the extreme position for a moment, achieve peak muscle contraction. Try to twist the body, that is, to attract the head to the pelvis, and not just lean forward.

  4. On inspiration, slowly return to the starting position, without relaxing the muscles. Try to keep your abs tense throughout the exercise. If you get tired, then do not rush to quit the lesson. Take a few breathing cycles and keep moving.


To improve the effectiveness of your classes, use the following recommendations:

  • Before you begin at the top point of the amplitude, bend your back slightly and sit for a few seconds.

    This will further stretch the muscles.

  • Your goal is not to bend down, namely twist. The press is worked out more efficiently during twisting and is practically not affected in the slopes.
  • Do not turn your head. A sharp turn of the head while working with weights can lead to injury to the cervical spine.

  • Choose a weight that allows you to qualitatively complete at least 10-15 repetitions.
  • Try to linger at the bottom point by 1 score, reducing the press as much as possible.
  • If you want to not only gain muscle mass, but how to lose weight, add cardio to your schedule and be sure to follow a diet. Only in this case you will receive a relief body.

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Follow all the recommendations and combine twisting on the simulator with other exercises aimed at working out the muscles of the abdomen. In particular, an emphasis on the lower part of the rectus muscle will help lift the legs in the hanging. A comprehensive study of the muscles will make your figure beautiful and harmonious. So you can see the desired results as soon as possible.

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Twisting in the simulator: the right technique

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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team. .



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