Tutta Larsen about children, sports and proper nutrition: “A healthy lifestyle - moderation in everything and constant movement”

How to tell children about a healthy lifestyle so that they don’t have a desire to do everything exactly the opposite? This Challenger asked the popular TV presenter and mother of many children Tutta Larsen at

"Big Family Festival"


Everyone understands in his own way what is the right way of life. Sometimes, turning to radical measures, people go too far. I'm trying to convey to my children the idea that a healthy lifestyle is moderation in everything and is a constant movement . Health should begin not with physiologists and , caring for the beauty of hair or nails, special diets, but with what a person has in his head: from his mind.

"I am deeply convinced that if a person does not live in peace with himself , if his dysfunctional psychoemotional state (neurosis, tantrums), then no matter how much he sat on the gluten-free diet and did not pump the press, he certainly would not become healthy from this. "

Tutta Larsen about children, sports and proper nutrition: “A healthy lifestyle - moderation in everything and constant movement”

Children, like sponges, absorb all , that their parents offer them. Therefore, instilling in children a love of a healthy lifestyle is possible only if you yourself love sports and consciously approach the choice of diet.

I go to the fitness room three times a week, and for functional training - when I have the mood, once a week I can go to yoga . I don’t have a strict training plan, it’s not always possible to practice regularly.

Unlike me, my husband (Valery Koloskov. - Approx. Ed. ) is engaged in sports professionally, he is a karate trainer. Sons and daughter see how hard he trains.

But I believe that children do not need to impose anything. We can offer them certain activities, and they will decide what interests them. For example, our eldest son Luka tried himself in various sports, but now does nothing . We do not plan to send children to professional sports. Perhaps one of them will want to practice karate with his father, we will not mind, but this should be their initiative, not ours.

I think that it’s not necessary to create a rigid framework for children (to make vegetarians or raw foodists out of them), to come up with restrictions and prohibitions if their state of health does not require it. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect: any forbidden fruit for a child sooner or later becomes an object of desire.

In our family allows children to all , which is not dangerous to health and life, but in moderation. My children eat sweets, they know what burgers, pizza and even french fries are. But all this is present in their diet in moderation.

In the family, we do not talk about prohibitions and do not promote diets, we just teach children that that would their diet was balanced, explain why some foods can be eaten every day, while others are harmless if consumed they are infrequent. Sometimes you have to agree: if the child chooses something not very useful, please first eat a vegetable or fruit. Any strict prohibitions are stressful for both children and parents. We decided not to create additional problems for ourselves. We are ordinary parents, not the geniuses of pedagogy, in which children eat one spinach, are squeezed 50 times a day and spit on chocolates.

Tutta Larsen about children, sports and proper nutrition: “A healthy lifestyle - moderation in everything and constant movement”

When we talk with children about health, we emphasize on how the body works, how immunity works, how organs function. We explain how and why one can harm oneself. We are trying to convey to the minds of children the idea that the body itself can cope with infections and other problems, if you relate to your health. We discuss not only nutrition and sports, but also the attitude to medicine and medicines (I am sure that tablets cannot be swallowed for any reason). Our children know that it is important to lead an active lifestyle, move more , take care of your body.

"A condition that we strictly adhere to: you need to drink a lot of water and follow the sleep regimen. Luke, Martha and Vanya lie down they go to bed and get up at the same time time , even if we are going on vacation. "

On vacation, we get up an hour earlier than in Moscow: at 7 in the morning to catch the sea, while the sun is not so active. In our family does not have rituals associated with exercise, everyone does as they wish. N for example, Luka does exercises in the evenings, and Valera goes to workouts every day at 6:30.

Tutta Larsen about children, sports and proper nutrition: “A healthy lifestyle - moderation in everything and constant movement”

Of course, I want my children to be more attentive to their health than I once did. But I cannot protect them from all situations in which mistakes can be made. It is likely that there will be periods in the lives of children when they try alcohol and cigarettes and eat fast food. All this is as long as , as long as their health allows. Then enlightenment will surely come, and they will begin, like me, very carefully to carefully monitor everything, that enters their body .

Even with competent education, it is impossible to insure a child from all excesses - this is a normal part of growing up.



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