Turning upside down on the horizontal bar - the right technique

Climb up (or turn up) is a classic horizontal bar exercise that requires good physical preparation and coordination. When it is performed, the athlete energetically pulls himself up and simultaneously raises his legs forward, thereby making the body flip over the crossbar.

This element is included in many standards on physical education, and is also used in workout workouts on the horizontal bar.

What muscles work?

When lifting with a flip, the muscles of the abdominal muscles and muscles involved in the classical pull-up are strengthened (biceps, triceps, deltas, latisses, trapezes).

Turning upside down on the horizontal bar - the right technique
The legs are thrown upstairs due to the work of the press.

In addition, such exercises develop coordination of movements, learn to fully control your body and calculate muscle effort. The vestibular apparatus is also training well.


As a rule, already trained athletes who know the features of their own body and have sufficient physical strength begin to make a coup d'etat. For a beginner, this exercise will most likely fail. But just in case, you should list possible contraindications:

  • Injuries to the hands, elbow or shoulder joints.

  • Problems with pressure, headache and any diseases of the head.
  • Lack of coordination of movements.

You should not try to make a coup, if you can pull yourself up from strength once or twice. In this case, there is a danger of falling apart and getting injured. That is, you should first learn the basic elements on the horizontal bar.

Technique of execution

In order to learn how to do an upswing, you must first work out the components of this exercise. This is pulling up and lifting legs to the crossbar. When you can catch up 15-20 times and raise straight legs as much, you can say that you have sufficient physical strength.


  1. Grab the horizontal bar with a direct wide grip. Other grabs are allowed in the workout, but wide is a classic option.

  2. Further, it is necessary to simultaneously pull up and with force raise straight legs above the level of the crossbar. The inertia of movement should be enough for the legs to go beyond the horizontal bar line. A coup occurs at the moment when the mass of the legs outweighs, and they begin to fall down, pulling the body up. The bar at this time is at the level of the belt.
  3. At the end point of movement, when the legs have already lowered, you need to straighten your arms and go to focus on the crossbar.

Some athletes first pull themselves up and then raise their legs, or, conversely, raise their straight legs to the crossbar as much as possible and only then do a pull-up with their hands. However, the simultaneous execution of these phases makes the exercise much easier.

There is also the option of lifting with a swing with swinging. In this case, the athlete jumps onto the crossbar and throws his legs up by inertia.But, this technique is considered incorrect and it is better not to get used to it initially.

A feather or nine

This is the name for a complicated climb with a coup. For a feather, it is necessary not only to twist over the crossbar, but to do this without touching its stomach. That is, the only part of your body that touches the horizontal bar is the hands.

The exercise is complex, it requires excellent physical preparation and impeccable technique. To learn how to do it, you need to work out the classic climb on the horizontal bar as much as possible.

What exercises are needed to prepare?

As mentioned above, to train lifting with a coup, you need to learn two things: pull yourself up and easily lift your legs from the hang to the crossbar. The abdominal muscles play a very important role in this exercise.

Turning upside down on the horizontal bar - the right technique
Strengthening the press.

Also, which at first glance is unexpected, you should work on stretching. Try standing on the floor and lean forward with your palms on the floor.

If you didn’t succeed, stretching is still insufficient and “folding in half” on the horizontal bar without bending your legs will be problematic. Therefore, pay extra attention to stretching the hamstrings.

When examined in detail, lifting the coup on the crossbar does not seem such a difficult exercise. Patience combined with some physical strength and knowledge of technology, and everything will work out!



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