TRX training - exercises for different levels of training

Today’s trendy TRX training is actually an invention of almost twenty years ago. The abbreviation stands for "total body resistance". Let's find out what it is.

TRX - greetings from US fur seals

Nineteen years ago, the commander of the world famous fur seals squad lurked from boredom at one of the US military bases. In order to pass the time, he built a kind of rope from a belt to a kimono, clamped one end with a door, and on the second he began to pull on the widest ones due to his own weight.

The effect seemed to Randy Hetrick interesting, the more the military are trying to use every opportunity to pump up and strengthen their body.

One exercise was not enough for him, he built a pair of loops from improvised means and attached it to the belt. It turned out something amazing, with which it was possible to load different muscle groups.

After 17 years, these loops were called TRX, and the commander of the American special forces became a millionaire. A good idea is half the battle.

To promote TRX, Randy entered a good business school in 2001. By the way, he did this after leaving the US Army. Strong move, right?

It has been a while since the TRX loops became what they can be seen today. According to Randy himself, from the start of production to the first successful model, 49 different options were made. The fiftieth turned out to be the most successful, and massive success began with it.

What is the TRX system today? In many gyms, separate rooms with mirrors are allocated for such a training. Ropes with convenient loops at the end are attached to the ceiling of these rooms. They can perform various exercises.

Among the novelties, one can distinguish stretching ropes with elastic sticks at the end for the development of core muscles. In the center of the hall there is a pole to which 5-10 such ropes are attached.

Features of the training

Functional training TRX includes a huge variety of exercises. Training can be divided into several levels, for example: for beginners, for endurance and for drying (metabolic).

Before talking about the composition of the training, we note some points regarding what TRX can give you and what cannot.

  1. You perfectly strengthen your muscles, increase your stamina, learn how to better coordinate movements.
  2. You will definitely be able to lose weight, since the circular loop workouts are very debilitating.

  3. But, you won’t gain weight due to just loop training. It will not work to pump the athletic body with only one loop, since for this you need to perform exercises with significant weights.

Why is TRX training so good:

  1. When performing exercises, there is no compression load on the spine.
  2. Due to the mobility of the handles, ordinary exercises turn into infernal tests of strength, endurance and coordination. Compare, for example, push-ups on the uneven bars and on the rings.

    Let us explain to those who are not in the subject: the bars are stationary. I got up on them and push up. Hands to the sides will not separate, back and forth will not leave either. But on the rings, the thing is different - you need to squeeze out and keep the rings nearby. In TRX exercises, the same principle.

    Therefore, not only synergist muscles are involved, but also antagonists.

  3. TRX training can be done at home, as the loops are not as expensive as the equipment. Really buy a kit and install in your room. This all takes up little space. The barbell and dumbbell loops will not replace, but they will fulfill their role in the training.

Now let's look at the features of TRX training for each of the above training levels. That is, for beginners, to develop endurance and to work out the relief (weight loss).

Level 1 - the beginning of training

The first level includes beginners who until this moment did not run, did not go to the gym, did not even do exercises.

It is enough for them to perform the simplest exercises, such as push-ups, pull-ups, double biceps, strap, craving for the chest.

TRX training - exercises for different levels of training

At this stage, TRX is your only workout.

Level 2 - endurance

For those children who already have experience in training, they can run a kilometer and are not particularly out of breath, a more advanced training system is suitable. Go further to the gym, and with the TRX loops, work on endurance, doing supersets for 2-3 exercises in the form of a ladder.

There is minimal rest between exercises, but between the chains, rest as much as you need to restore your pulse and breathing.

Please note that this training is in addition to the main one. That is, TRX in this case is not your main occupation.

Level 3 - topography (drying)

This level includes those athletes who are going to dry after a quality mass gain. For example, they are preparing for the competitive season or for hiking on the beach.

TRX training - exercises for different levels of training

In this case, we recommend that you do a round-robin training until you "lose consciousness." The latter, of course, is said as a joke, but sometimes it may very well darken in the eyes from such an intensity.

The training will be built of 3-4 circles in 8 exercises.

For each exercise, 15-30 seconds are given (the duration will increase once a week, the course is designed for a month). A week you need to do 4-6 times.

Rest between exercises is minimized and amounts to 15-20 seconds, rest between circles for as long as necessary. Until your heart rate and breathing return to normal.

Exercises for TRX

Elastic ropes with loops allow you to perform a lot of different exercises.

Push-ups from the floor

This exercise is performed on the floor, legs or only one leg are in the loops.

The option with one leg is heavier, it is not recommended for representatives of the first level.

The technique is the same as conventional push-ups. Due to the fact that the legs are higher than the arms, the severity of the exercise increases.

The toughest option is push-ups on one arm with one leg in the loop.

By the way, where do you think the second leg is located at this time? On the floor? Whatever the case, it hangs next to the first. Only in the air, without support.

Push-ups from loops

Such push-ups seem easier. But this is an appearance. Indeed, in the previous case, your hands were on a hard floor.

And now they are in loops that go in different directions. Exercise very well strengthens all the muscles of the hands, teaches their stabilization.

From how close you get to the loops, the weight of the exercise will envy.

Not everyone can do this exercise. For beginners, it is better to refrain from doing it for the first time - there is a danger of pulling a muscle.

Lunges back

Lunges forward on the hinges do not make sense - it is inconvenient. But back - just right. We place one leg in the loop and take it back, while bending the second at the knee and sitting on it, i.e., making a lunge.


You can squat on one and both legs. A heavier option is on one leg, bringing the other in front of you. We take the hinges in our hands. In this case, they serve as your source of balance and support.

Horizontal pull-ups

Exercises are done under different torso of the body relative to the floor.

The closer your body is to parallel with the floor, the more difficult it will be to complete.

You can be pulled up with a neutral grip, arms shoulder-width apart. This is an excellent exercise for the broadest muscles. Due to the need to constantly stabilize the position of the body, legs and arms, your whole body will work.

Alternatively, you can pull yourself directly from the floor.

That is, when you fall, you completely lie down with your back to the floor.

You can complicate pull-ups by removing one hand. It will result in a pull-up on one arm.

For a change try to be pulled by a wide grip.

Dilutions and information of the hands

On loops, you can make wiring and information.

The first option is to face the loops. Grasp them with your hands, pull your hands forward, and tilt the case back. Spreading your arms to the sides, raise your body to its original position.

Information is made exactly on the same principle. Arms wide apart and tilt the body forward.

Next, bring your hands in front of you, overcoming the weight of your own body, rise up. For this exercise you will need two loops fixed at a small distance from each other.

Abdominal exercises

Plank is an excellent exercise to strengthen the abs and core muscles. In this case, it is done exactly the same as on the floor, only the legs (one or two) are in the loops.

You can also do a straight or diagonal fold on the press.

We accept an emphasis lying, legs we fix in loops. Raising the pelvis up, we bring straight, or bent at the knees legs to the chest.

When working on the oblique muscles, when you bring your knees to your chest, you need to unscrew them sideways and up.

Biceps flexion

Hands hold on the hinges and tilt the body back. We bend our arms, pulling our body up.

In a bent state, your forehead should have a fist!

This biceps exercise is performed with either one hand or two. By varying the angle of the body, you will change the load. The strongest we recommend lifting from a horizontal position.


Speaking of stretching. The first thing that comes to the head of a person who enters the TRX hall is a stretch.

Imagine hinges hanging from the ceiling. It is logical that in them you can stick your leg or arm and stretch in this position.

If we talk about twine, you can stretch by placing your foot in the loop and changing the height of the TRX. This helps to gently stretch.

Do not forget to warm up well before class! Exercise is not easy, pulling a tendon here is easy!



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