Triceps exercises - the best complex with a description of the technique

Triceps - muscle that extends the arm. Together with the biceps, it forms the relief of the arm from the shoulder to the elbow (anatomically this part is called the shoulder). Since the extensor of the arm is 2/3 of its volume, it makes sense to do shock exercises for triceps.

It is difficult to choose the most effective triceps exercise, because each of them contributes to the development of the triceps muscle.

Triceps exercises - the best complex with a description of the technique

Types of exercises for triceps

What is triceps and how it pump up - a matter of concern to many novice athletes.

If you really want to pump up, the basics of anatomy will be useful to you first. This will help to carry out exercises more correctly and better orientate oneself on one’s feelings.

It is known that due to an increase in the extensor volume (actually triceps), the arm becomes much more massive. If you do as most beginners like - aiming exclusively to swing the biceps, you will have a small tubercle in place of the flexor, but in general the arm will seem thin.

By the way, the strength of the triceps is significantly higher than the strength of the biceps (2-3 times), so it is easier to swing.

Speaking about how to quickly pump up the triceps, first of all, you should decide what the word "fast" means to you. If it is months, you think correctly. If you want to pump it up in a week, then maybe it’s time to stop believing in fairy tales?

Below are the most effective triceps exercises that will make your arm powerful and pumped up.

  • Basic exercises for triceps increase its weight and are the most difficult: these are push-ups from the bars with weights, reverse push-ups and a barbell with a narrow grip.
  • The French bench press is difficult to attribute to the basic exercises, but it is well suited for triceps weight training.

    Through the use of different vultures, the French barbell press helps to pump the entire triceps well. This is probably one of the best isolated triceps exercises.

  • The rest of the exercises are designed to create a relief based on the available mass - this is, for example, working with dumbbells, extending the arms on the block.

By the way, the truly basic exercise in which the extensor of the arm works is the bench press. Of course, it is aimed at working out the pectoral muscles, but the triceps also get a decent part of the load.

This exercise uses large weights. You cannot take the same weight on a narrow grip bench press or French bench press. As a rule, the working weights in these exercises differ by 2-3 times.

It makes no sense to list all triceps exercises, we will analyze only a part of them. Those that really help build this muscle.

A set of exercises for extensors of the hands

We begin by considering the exercises for triceps in the gym. This is the best way to train triceps!

Bench press

This is a basic exercise, pumping chest, shoulders, triceps. Usually the bench press is performed on the same day when we swing the triceps.This is convenient, unlike the back-biceps scheme.

Yes, this is not the best exercise for triceps, since the target muscle group here is the chest.

But hands will not grow without him. There is an inverse relationship - weak hands greatly spoil the results in this exercise.

In addition to the classic bench press, in order to pump up the huge triceps, you need to do a number of specialized exercises.

Narrow Grip Press

The best triceps exercises should load the triceps muscle well and not strain the rest. It is an ideal.

In practice, everything is not so rosy.

For example, a narrow grip bench press is certainly very effective, but it greatly overloads the shoulders. If the athlete has any shoulder injury, he cannot perform this bench press.

The narrow grip press is performed so that the elbows are pressed to the body, and the bar drops to the middle of the chest. If the bar is lowered to the bottom of the chest, the front bundles of deltoids will be overworked.

If above the middle of the chest - at the lower point the wrists are severely bent.

French bench press

An exercise that no triceps training program can do without. It is isolated if you perform this exercise correctly.

You need to lie on a horizontal bench and firmly place your feet on the floor. Next, take the bar with a grip that is convenient for you and take it a little behind your head.

From this position, you can start work. Hands from shoulder to elbow are not perpendicular to the floor. You take your elbows behind your head a little further so that your hands slightly deviate from the vertical.

Lower the bar to the very head, then extend your arms.

If at this time you feel (hear) clicks coming from your elbows or you feel pain in the joints, try to take another neck or refuse this exercise.

Reverse push-ups

This is one of the most effective triceps exercises, as well as push-ups from the bars.

You need to find an emphasis for legs and arms (benches will approach). In principle, legs can be placed on the floor, but this will simplify the exercise.

Put your hands on one bench behind you, put your feet on the other. You need to take such a position so that the support under your arms is behind you and does not prevent you from moving up and down.

Put pancakes on your knees (choose weight so that 10 push-ups are difficult for you, and 11-12 times you could not do it). Bend your arms and lower yourself to the right angle at the elbows, then return to the starting position.

Download triceps efficiently, without jerking. If you do such push-ups in a jerk, either the pancakes from the knees will fly off, or you will get a shoulder injury. In general, triceps training should be carried out qualitatively.

Extending the arms on the block

Stand in the block frame near the upper block, on which a straight neck was hung in advance. Grab it with a direct grip, bend over it from above to fix the weight below not due to the strength of your hands, but due to your weight.Press your elbows to the body - this position does not include the latissimus dorsi muscles.

Extend your arms 8-12 times in the approach.

Next, you can change the bar to V-shaped.

Now you can hang 5-10 kg more weight than in the previous case.

Triceps exercises - the best complex with a description of the technique

Dips from the bars

When we do not know how to pump triceps without iron, the bars come to the rescue.

If you are a physically trained person and will be push-up without additional weight, you will not see externally noticeable results. It is necessary to add at least 5-10 kg and gradually develop strength so that muscle tissue begins to grow after it.

So, how to swing triceps on the bars correctly.

The starting position is this: legs hang in the air, squeeze them, shins can be crossed. Straighten, do not bend forward, bring your elbows to the body.

Move straight up and down, like a shuttle, trying not to sway and bend either forward or backward.

It feels like you should feel that the load extends to the triceps and the slightly front part of the deltoids.

Work in partial amplitude in the upper positions, make sure that your shoulders are fixed, that is, do not lower or rise.

If this starts to happen, the pectoral muscles and trapezium will begin to train.

Exercising triceps with dumbbells

A good option is a French bench press with dumbbells. This is a triceps-friendly exercise if you don't have a barbell but dumbbells. In addition, you can rotate the brush the way you want, and not be dependent on the shape of the neck.

You can do this exercise with one dumbbell, clasping it with both hands.

It is a comfortable and mobile grip. The dumbbell turns slightly while moving your hands due to gravity. This element can be performed both sitting and lying. Do not confuse it with a pullover - there hands do not extend.

The dumbbell bench press from behind the head is often put last in the training program.

It loads the triceps in isolation, causing it to fill with blood.

This exercise does not make sense with large weights, you need to select a tangible weight and work efficiently, trying to ensure the maximum amplitude of triceps muscle contraction.

Another interesting option is to extend your arms with dumbbells in an inclination. In this exercise, you need to bend over, take your hand from the dumbbell back and turn it with your elbow up. Try to keep your elbow parallel to the floor.

If you can’t do this, it’s okay to work as you can.

Triceps exercises - the best complex with a description of the technique

Floor Pushups

The most homely workout option. If you press your elbows to the body and slowly push up, the triceps and the whole body are well strengthened. Due to the low speed of the movement, you will stay in a tense state longer (this is the essence of such an exercise as the “bar”). Plus, the shock load will go to your triceps.

To complicate push-ups, you can use movable rotating stops.

Changing the angle of the body changes the load on the triceps. If the head is higher than the legs, then push-ups are easier. If on the contrary - harder. The most extreme option of push-ups is upside down purely on the hands (push-ups in the horizon).

But this is aerobatics, which relates more to gymnastics than to pumping up muscles.

If you can squeeze at least once by pressing your elbows to the body, then you already have the initial physical preparation.

Training schedule

If the muscle group is large, then the shock load on it is best given once every 7-8 days. For muscles such as triceps, it is permissible to give a load more often - you can do 2 heavy workouts per week and one light one. Or 1 heavy, 1 light.

Training triceps once a week for muscle growth will not be enough.

  • When you do any triceps exercise, pay attention to the sensations - you should feel that it works for you. If you do push-ups on the uneven bars, and the next day you have a sore chest muscle and no hands at all - review your technique. Push up so that it is the triceps that are tired. If the muscle stiffens, burns, gets tired after the exercise, it means that it is you who pump it.

  • If your elbows begin to hurt, pay attention to the technique, change the bar, bandage the elbows for the duration of the exercise. Try it all before quitting your workout. Drink course supplements that strengthen the joints that contain chondroitin and glucosamine. Finally, reduce your working weights and see if the pain disappears.

On isolated extension of arms (French press, extension of arms on the block), pay attention to the position of your elbows - the farther the elbows from the body, the less the load on the triceps.

You will feel it.

Press your elbows - you will immediately understand if this working weight is too big for you. This is the secret of such presses. Therefore, always take care of your elbows yourself or ask someone to look after you. Following the technique will help you pump up big triceps and not get hurt.



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