Triathlon vs life: 10 “iron” distances in 10 days - is that a lot?

On August 30, Swissultra ultratriathlon ended in Swiss Bucks, where Russian triathlete Vladimir Voloshin took first place. We decided to compare the achievements of Vladimir with what ordinary people do in everyday life: how many days do people go 422 kilometers? And how much do you burn 10,000 calories?

Triathlon vs life: 10 “iron” distances in 10 days - is that a lot?

Vladimir Voloshin

Vladimir Voloshin is a managing partner at Fights Nights Global, a partner at the sports marketing agency Newman S36ort. am40; Business Consulting, co-founder of IRONSTAR and ROSA RUN, candidate for master of sports in biathlon and triathlon for long distances, multiple finisher IRONMAN, participant in the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii.

Swissultra is the Cup stage World Ultratriathlon, which is held in two formats: Deca (tenfold "iron" triathlon) and Quintu62le (fivefold triathlon). In addition, participants can choose how to go the distance: continuously or one triathlon per day (one 76er day).

In the first case, the race lasts without interruptions: for 345 hours, athletes must overcome 38 km by swimming, 1,800 km by bicycle and 422 km by race. The DECA One per day race goes on strictly for ten days, each of which participants go the full “iron” distance: swim 3.8 km, travel 180 km and run 42.2 km.

15 people took part in the continuous tenfold triathlon this year, and there were 5 participants in the one per day version.

Vladimir Voloshin chose Swissultra Deca One per day and took first place with a result of 131 hours and 36 seconds. No, this is not a joke. For 131 hours under its own power, Vladimir Voloshin overcame 2,260 km. In addition, the Russian triathlete, together with Rusfond, raised 479,278 rubles for seriously ill children.

To understand how much this cool, we decided to compare the results of Vladimir with what a person does in everyday life.

Triathlon vs life: 10 “iron” distances in 10 days - is that a lot?

Ultratriathlon is a race for those who want to know their limits, for those who want to test not only physical, but also psychological endurance. Of course, it inspires others and inspires respect. We congratulate Vladimir Voloshin on this achievement and hope that he will not stop there.



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