Trends in manicure: what to do with nails in 2019

Nail Spot studio manicure specialist Sasha Uzakova told us what forms, colors and types of manicure are relevant today. The good news: there is nothing extreme in the trends. Safety and practicality above all.

During this procedure, the master gently removes the cuticle with a special abrasive file. The main advantage of nail manicure: it is impossible to injure the skin with nail files.

When cutting manicure, the fingers, as a rule, are pre-soaked in a bath, after which the cuticle loosens, and it is easy to injure. If the master does the nail manicure correctly - in particular, cuts off the cuticle and not the nail plate - such a procedure is completely safe. Important: make sure that the master uses only disposable files. The only contraindication to nail manicure is excessive sweating. When the cuticle is wet, cutting it is simply impossible.

The shape of the nails can be selected at the base of the nail. If the nail plate at the base is round, a round shape suits you. If the plate is square - choose a square shape. Another actual form is the so-called soft square, when the corners of the nails remain sharp, and the form itself is straight.

Fashion for long and especially extended nails a thing of the past.

Short nails are more convenient: there is less risk that they will break, and it is much easier to do everyday tasks. The ideal length is a thin strip above the pad.

Milky, light pink, beige, in general, any calm and muted colors are win-win options. This manicure goes well with bright clothes and make-up. The classic is still trending: black and red shades.

Sophisticated design, drawings and rhinestones are also narrower not of current interest. In 2019, nails, as a rule, are painted in one tone or a very simple design is chosen. An example of a simple design is a few dots, lines or patterns.

The main trend is well-groomed nails. To extend the life of manicure, take care of your skin every day.

All kinds of scrubs, creams and masks will help. As soon as the cuticle begins to dry, treat it with a scrub. Moisturize the skin of your hands is possible and necessary every day.



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