Training program for men

To achieve an excellent result in the gym, you need to calculate the correct load, sleep well and eat right . The training program for men has its own rules of compilation and nuances.

It’s almost impossible to pump up well without the right training. Also, in addition to a poor result, you can earn health problems. For a beautiful muscle pumping, there is a whole sport called bodybuilding.

You can get acquainted with him and find out what it is in our article - Bodybuilding .

For bodybuilding, there are basic training programs that will allow the muscles of the body to adapt to the loads and start, lay the foundation for further training. Also, such a program will not be superfluous in restoring the body after downed workouts.

The base program stops giving effect after about a month. It is recommended to make changes in weights gradually and change the training program completely.

The program loses its effect due to muscle addiction. Did you hear about muscle memory? So, this is it in business.

Training program for men

Workout program for men

Each workout should begin with a warm-up and cardio. Cardio - cardiological exercises, i.e.

running (simple or on a treadmill), jumping rope, cycling. The lead time is 10 minutes.

After the warm-up, the main part of the training follows. The exercise will be indicated below, the number of approaches per number of repetitions. For example, 2x15 - 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

Basic program

  1. Leg lift on parallel bars or horizontal bar - 2x15
  2. Bench press - 2-3x10
  3. Twisting - 2x15
  4. Oblique twists - 2x15
  5. Sitting dumbbell bench press - 2-3x10
  6. Laying dumbbells lying - 2x12
  7. Standing dumbbells stretching - 2x12
  8. Lower link block - 2x12
  9. Traction of the upper block - 2-3x12
  10. Leg extensions - 2x15
  11. Leg bends - 2x15
  12. Hyperextension - 2x15
  13. Leg press in the Hack machine - 2-3x10
  14. Triceps on the block 2x12
  15. Lifting the bar on the biceps while standing 2x10

This long program includes quite the same simple exercises, but the exercises themselves zheniya follow each other muscle groups in order to work out all the groups gradually, and not scatter.

All the weights you must set yourself , because the capabilities of each person are different. Therefore, select the optimal weight, so that it is not easy and feasible.

Training program for men

Home workout program for men

Each person may have various reasons why it becomes impossible to visit the gym. But this is not a reason not to engage in or develop physically!

A training program for men at home will help replace the gym, albeit not to the extent that we would like, but still.

To practice at home you may need: dumbbells, preferably collapsible, a horizontal bar and a chair (stool, bench).

Also, do not forget to follow the exercise technique, because the right technique is the basis of the positive effect and maintaining the health of the body.

Each workout should begin with a warm-up and cardio. Cardio - cardiological exercises, i.e.

running or jumping rope. The lead time is 10 minutes.

Training plan


  1. Twists - 3x15
  2. Lunges with dumbbells - 4x10
  3. Push-ups - 4x12
  4. Squats with dumbbells - 4x12
  5. Pullover 3x10


  1. Twisting - 3x15
  2. Lifting the barbell to the biceps - 4x8
  3. Pull-ups 3x15


  1. Sitting dumbbell press 4x8
  2. Barbell pull to the chin - 4x10
  3. Dumbbell barbell tilt (on the left and right arm) - 4x8
  4. Shrugs 3x15

Time between sets 1 minute !

Training program for men



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