Training program for girls

Training program for girls

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A girl who does not have experience in the gym should take note that the classes should cover all muscle groups. Even if you have excellent health, you do not need to spend all the time in the hall. Normal training lasts 40-60 minutes. Exercise with dumbbells and barbell (free weights) - a faster set of muscle mass and burn fat.

The main points of classes in the hall

A large number of people and professional fitness trainers are advised to engage in the method of split training, that is, the study of one or two muscle groups.

This training method is suitable for athletes who are engaged in a sufficient amount of time, have extensive training experience.

For beginner girls, a training program that focuses on working out all the muscles in every lesson in the gym is better.

Also, such a program is suitable for busy people who do not allow time to attend all training sessions. That is, if you engage in 1-2 muscle groups, then because of the omissions there will be a big break between any muscle groups. And if you train everything, it will be much more convenient and logical.

When building a workout for all muscle groups, try to alternate exercises for each muscle group.

If a girl sets a goal - to lose weight, then proper nutrition is a prerequisite.

Too strict an idea is not an option, because it will be the beginning of a breakdown with regular training. However, eating not according to plan is also impossible. Food should be regular, that is, observe intervals of 2-3 hours and you need to eat not to the dump, but leaving the table with a slight hunger.

Otherwise, your actions will only lead to gaining excess weight, and your results will not coincide with expectations and goals.

Do not be afraid of the appearance of muscles, because they will not spoil you, as some people think, but on the contrary will show your smartness and harmony.

Training program for girls

Workout example

Warm up

  1. 7-10 minutes run
  2. Body exercises - squats , push-ups, inclines 7-10 minutes

The main part

We will write for 3 training days a week:


  1. Squats 15 times
  2. Lunges with dumbbells 10 times for each leg
  3. Dumbbell pull to the belt with one hand 10 times with each hand
  4. Pulls to the maximum, if you don’t know how to pull up, then pull the upper block behind the head - 12 times
  5. Bench press on an inclined bench - 12 times


  1. Pull rod 15 times
  2. Thrust of the block to the chest with a narrow grip 12 times
  3. Squats "Plie" with dumbbells 15 times
  4. Squats on one leg (in the "scissors") with a barbell 10 times with each foot
  5. “Book” on the press - 20 times


  1. Deadlift 15 times (Romanian deadlift - 15 times)
  2. Squats with one leg on the bench (Bulgarian split squat) - 10 times with each leg
  3. Deadlift to the belt sitting with a narrow grip 12 times
  4. Dumbbell bench press 12 times
  5. Wiring with dumbbells 12 times


As well as the warm-up, the hitch is very important, which is done in e training. The purpose of the hitch is to disperse the accumulated lactic acid in the muscles and stretch them at the end of the workout. Never neglect her.

Training program for girls


Training program for girls


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Training program

  • Workout program at home
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  • Relief workout program
  • Workout program for girls
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  • Training program with dumbbells

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