Training program for beginners in the gym

When you first go to the gym, you don’t know what to do. There are a lot of simulators, inflated guys and tight, slender girls go around. You get lost. In this case, the training program for beginners will help you!

Training program for beginners in the gym

Beginning of classes

Starting a workout in the gym is not easy. This is a whole world of weights and muscles, strong people.

Usually the program is composed by the trainer of the fitness club to which you came. The service is paid. We recommend that you take individual training for the first time (for a month) so that your trainer puts you the correct exercise technique.

Training in the gym for beginners is an unsafe process, because the body is not yet used to the stress. Therefore, at first it is better to engage in observation.

It is important not to be shy to ask questions. You can ask for help from any trainer working in this club or to the administrator if you are completely at a loss. Of course, only your trainer will advise on the intricacies of your program, but another specialist may well answer the question of how to use the simulator or where to drink water.

In order to correctly draw up a program, a trainer should know:

  1. Human anatomy, features of muscle functioning, their location, dangerous moments.
  2. The basics of compiling programs in various directions: for gaining muscle mass, for losing weight, for increasing strength, and so on.

  3. To know the exercise technique of most training elements, to understand why this or that exercise is being done.
  4. Ideally, if the trainer has a specialized higher education.

What usually happens in the halls: a person comes to study after reading various tips on the Internet. Often with a ready-made program that no one adapted to his individual characteristics. It’s good if this person asks the trainer to show each exercise.

Usually, people try to do only video lessons. This is the wrong approach!

Remember that everything universal cannot be perfect. For the general reader, you can give only an approximate program, which can be guided as a basis. But the best results are achieved with individual work.

Compilation of programs for beginners

Today, there are a lot of fitness clubs around the world.

Each of them has several trainers. Some clubs have serious requirements for the selection of candidates for instructors. But there are unscrupulous owners of sports facilities who select only by their appearance, not paying attention to experience, knowledge, education.

For beginners, bodybuilding is a whole world where you want to achieve everything quickly, try everything. Beginners think this way: in order for the muscles to grow faster, you need to work with large weights.

Their muscles are not ready for this, as a result of which people get injured and forever abandon gyms.

Principle 1: gradualness is the basis of safety

Training programs for beginners in the gym should take into account the unpreparedness of the human body. It happens that inexperienced trainers will load you into the first training session, they will force you to do 3 sets of 10 times basic exercises (sometimes squats and bench presses will be kicked out in one day).

And this is all done with weights, at the redistribution of your strength.

As a result:

  • A week after training, you can not bend and unbend your arms and legs.

  • Your temperature rises due to extensive inflammation in your muscles.

After this, will there be a desire to train further? Not many.

The beginning of training in the gym should always be gradual!

The entire training session must be observed by the beginner, how he works with the proposed weights. The selection of weights in this case is very dynamic. Light at first glance, the weight can be heavy and vice versa.

You need to keep your finger on the pulse all the time, notice everything on time.

The first month you can’t give the beginner hard exercises. It is necessary to gradually accustom his muscles to work.

Training for beginners in the gym should consist of 5-6 exercises, in each of which no more than 2-3 approaches. Basic exercises need to start with 2 approaches.

The first week should be gentle so that the beginner can come to the next training session. If you immediately load his muscles, he will recover for a week, but this should not be allowed. The first training should be introductory, not deadly.

Principle 2: first, the base

Usually guys come to the gym to increase muscle volume, to become inflated. They need a weight training program for beginners.

It should include basic exercises.

For example, here is a basic training program for beginners:

Day 1:

  1. Cardio 5-7 minutes (run).
  2. Bench press: 2 to 10.
  3. Breeding dumbbells lying: 2 to 10.
  4. Extension of arms on the block: 2 to 10.

  5. Bench press dumbbells from behind the head: 2 to 10.
  6. Press: 3 to 10.

Day 2:

  1. Cardio 5-7 minutes (exercise bike )
  2. Squats with an empty bar: 2 to 10.
  3. Leg press in the simulator: 2 to 10.
  4. Sitting dumbbell press: 2 to 10.

  5. Neck pull to chin: 2 to 10.
  6. Press: 2 to 15.

Day 3:

  1. Cardio (run) 5-7 minutes .
  2. Hyperextension 2 to 15.
  3. Thrust of the upper block: 2 to 10.

  4. Thrust of the lower block: 2 to 10.
  5. Bending the arms with the bar on biceps: 2 to 10.
  6. Hammer: 2 to 10.
  7. Press: 3 to 10

In the first week you need to do 2 sets. In the second week, you can add a third approach to all those exercises where they were 2.

A separate material on our website is devoted to how to choose the weight for training. You can familiarize yourself with it.

Trainers need to carefully monitor so that the trainee correctly performs the whole complex of exercises.

In the second day, cardio-warming is carried out on an exercise bike. This is necessary so that the legs are not so tired of running, as there are squats ahead.

Principle 3: preparing muscles for hard exercises

Have you noticed that there is no deadlift in the third day? Although she, it would seem, should be there when it comes to the base.

The fact is that in the first month you need to strengthen the muscles of the body, legs and only then begin to master the deadlift technique.

In particular, therefore, squats are done with an empty bar for a month.

If the squat is not given the first or even the tenth time, you can try to do it in Smith's simulator. In extreme cases, limit yourself to a leg press.

The first month does not need to include complex exercises in the program. Bodybuilding for beginners comes down to preparing the body for the load.

Initially, the coach should identify the purpose of visiting the gym by a beginner. The further strategy of actions will depend on this.

But, regardless of the goal, the first month the beginner is engaged in the classical program, strengthening muscles.

Further, it is already possible to individually profile training complexes.

For example, a training program for gaining mass will contain a minimum of cardio elements, few repetitions, basic exercises with heavy weights.

Principle 4: do no harm

If you want to carry out mass training at home, and not in the fitness room, then in the absence of experience it is again wrong approach.

The training program for beginners should be compiled by a specialist. In addition, you must clearly understand how to perform each exercise.

And the coach must control that you do them correctly. There will be no such control at home. Even putting a mirror, and doing everything as shown in the video tutorial, you can do something wrong. In the future, this will result in personal injury.

Any strength training for beginners should be carried out under the supervision of a more experienced person.

Otherwise, you may violate one of the main principles of the training - “do no harm”.

This principle includes the following recommendations:

  • Take your time.
  • Learn technique on light weights.
  • Have a good rest between workouts.
  • Listen only to experienced athletes.

    A friend who has been engaged for six months is unlikely to be able to help.

Training outside the gym

The training program for beginners outside the gym is designed taking into account the individual characteristics of the person, exactly the same as when working in the gym. Whether running or working on horizontal bars, an individual approach is important.

Everywhere you need to observe the principle of "do no harm" and "do not rush." This is the basis of safe training.

Where to start training outside the gym? Likewise, with a warm-up. If you are jogging, you do not need a preliminary cardio. Warm-up before running involves elements of articular gymnastics. In all other cases, it is necessary to carefully prepare the body for work and raise the pulse.

Mistakes of trainers

For beginners, the training program is important, and it is unacceptable for the beginner to compose it if he does not have the necessary experience and knowledge.

The literacy of the program will determine the result that you will come to. However, people working in fitness clubs are not always the gurus of their job.

A chemist to a natural athlete is not an adviser

A newcomer unfamiliar with the world of iron is guided by the size of muscles and the shape of a trainer. That is, the healthier the coach, the more he will inspire confidence. A beginner does not know that impressive dimensions could be achieved thanks to the use of steroid drugs, pharmacology.

That is, the coach has achieved good results, but to tell you how to achieve something without chemistry - he can, alas, not always.

This is the main problem - an experienced pitching player is not always an experienced coach. He can recommend a program for chemists that is not suitable for straight athletes. In the case of chemists, the program will work great, and in the second case, the beginner will spend time and not achieve the desired result. He wanted biceps of 50 cm, and he received an increase to the available result of only 1 cm.

Without knowing these subtleties, you might think that the beginner has poor genetics, or he did the exercises incorrectly. But this is not so.

Therefore, turning to a person for a program, focus on the fact that you are interested in a natural mass gain.

Irresponsible attitude to the health of a beginner

Many people suffer from back pain. They are advised to strengthen their back, start attending the gym.

This is the right recommendation because you need to train your back and abs. Then the load on the spine will be less, the pinched nerves will pass. The muscle corset will create comfortable cushioning when jumping and moving.

What the coach is doing: a man complained of lumbar osteochondrosis or hernia. And he was told to do deadlift.

You probably already guess how it all ends.

Training program for beginners in the gym

Of course, with careful attention from the instructor, everything will be fine, a person will be able to heal his back. But in some cases there is no such control; most beginners themselves walk in gyms. Beginner and deadlift - explosive mixture, after the explosion of which remains an injured lower back.

The same goes for squats.

The wrong technique, the rush to choose the weight - and now, the newcomer is already at the neurologist’s appointment.

Why is the program not working?

It also happens that a well-designed program does not lead a person to his dream. 3 months have passed, and the weight is still at an undesirable mark, the biceps are not of the right volume, the bench press has not grown to 100 kg.

All this can be for two reasons:

  1. There really are errors in the program.
  2. The problem is not in the program, but in the beginner.

We have already talked about the first part of the question. Now let's briefly see what depends on the newcomer.

  1. The quality of training, discipline, following the recommendations.
  2. Nutrition.
  3. Adequate healthy sleep.

Training program for beginners in the gym

How responsibly a beginner approaches training, determines 70% success. Remember this! And the gym and trainer are just good helpers and stimulants.



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