Training intimate muscles: 5 simulators that will help you with this

We asked a sex trainer and psychologist Ekaterina Fedorova to tell us why we need to train intimate muscles and what simulators are needed for this.

To train intimate muscles (or muscles of the pelvic floor) should be in order to:

  • fight with prolapse (omission) of the pelvic organs and incontinence;
  • prepare for childbirth and recover from them;
  • increase self-esteem and strengthen communication with your own body;
  • improve your sex life.

The use of simulators has its contraindications - the period of pregnancy, serious inflammatory processes and gynecological diseases requiring medical supervision. So before training, it is better to consult with a gynecologist.

Here are five devices you may need for training.

Reliable, simple and economical The simulator is perfect for beginners. The laser pointer allows you to independently perform all the exercises and at the same time fully control the process. The set consists of two pointers with different heads. The simulator is made of medical plastic and therefore safe. Before using it (this applies to all other devices), it is necessary to treat it with an antiseptic.

How to do: Enter the head of the simulator shallow into the vagina. Stand opposite the wall at a distance of 2.5-3 meters and project a beam. To rule out increased abdominal pressure and abdominal tension, relax completely. In the process of doing exercises, only the intimate muscles tighten, the pelvis remains motionless.

When the muscles of the pelvic floor are tensioned, the beam slides down the wall, the head of the simulator rises behind the pubic bone. When the amplitude of the point’s movement reaches 1.5 meters (at the initial stage it is 20-30 centimeters), we can proceed to the use of weight training equipment. Training should begin with a large pointer, with its development, you can move on to a small one.

It is recommended that you practice with the laser pointer for at least 15 minutes a day.

The set of exercises is quite extensive and depends on both skills and preferences. It is better to turn to an experienced sex trainer who will help at the initial stage to master the principle of the simulator and select the optimal course of exercises.

Training intimate muscles: 5 simulators that will help you with this

An effective and safe simulator made of bioinert polymer. Recommended for advanced users. The set includes five balls without a thread, of different weights.

How to do: hold the ball with your inverted muscles. Exercise can be performed both in a stationary standing position and in motion. Thus, the skill of deep retraction of the pelvic floor muscles is honed. The technique is simple, the effect is maximum: muscle controllability improves, vaginal sensitivity increases. Regular training with Vagiton Balls is effective in controlling pelvic prolapse and urinary incontinence.

Training intimate muscles: 5 simulators that will help you with this

The pneumatic simulator is suitable for those who have already mastered the laser pointer and learned to maximize retract intimate muscles. When used correctly, you can achieve incredible skills that can be effectively applied in sex.

How to do: The pneumatic system consists of an elastic vaginal chamber, a massage chamber, a manometer and a vaginal sensor. An elastic chamber is necessary to create an initial pressure in the sensor, which is placed in the vagina above muscle compression, and a pressure gauge to control pressure. The stronger the compression, the higher the value of the device.

Massage chamber - an additional component of the simulator, which is designed to perform vaginal massage and exercise "resistance". The difficulty of using the pneumatic system is that not always a woman can control the correct location of the sensor relative to the muscles of the pelvic floor. Therefore, it is recommended to take two or three classes with a sex trainer in order to learn how to use the simulator.

Training intimate muscles: 5 simulators that will help you with this

Well-known simulator , which is suitable for improving the skills of deep retraction of the pelvic floor muscles.

How to do: Three simulators are included in the package.

On one side of the flexible cord is a ball of a certain diameter, on the other, a loop for hanging loads. Most often, a regular water bottle acts as a load, which is secured by an adjustable ball chain. A ball treated with grease (the first training is a ball of a larger diameter) is placed shallow in the vagina. At the initial stage of training, a volume of water is selected that allows the muscles to hold the simulator for at least 10 seconds. After a few weeks of regular training, you will feel the change.

Weight increases, and with it increases the strength of intimate muscles. If as a result it is possible to keep about two kilograms, you can reduce the size of the simulator. It is recommended to pre-train with a sex trainer.

Training intimate muscles: 5 simulators that will help you with this

Those who prefer modern technologies should pay attention to simulators with control via a smartphone. Applications help visualize the process of muscle tension and control the load.

In addition, each woman can choose an individual training program for herself, based on her initial skills, and gradually move from level to level. There are many such modern simulators for training the pelvic floor muscles in the market, for example, Magic Kegel Master - a popular skittles simulator with a vibrating effect. Made of safe silicone.

How to do: the simulator is inserted into the vagina so that the antenna cord protrudes outward by at least three centimeters (necessary for good communication with the smartphone). When the intimate muscles are compressed, the cord begins to vibrate.

Sensors control three main parameters: initial pressure, endurance, and compression force. The stronger the muscle contraction, the more the cord vibrates. The duration of the training depends on the program, which takes place in the game mode. The results of daily training are recorded.

All photos are provided by the press service of Ekaterina Fedorova.



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