Trainers Jessica Alba, Chloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Vergara on the main fitness secrets of star clients

The flawless appearance of actresses and models is the result of hard training. Fitness trainers of Hollywood beauties spoke about star clients, the difficulties of their work and the main differences between celebrities and ordinary people.

Clients: Jessica Alba, Jenna Dewan.

- My first star client was Jenna Dewan, known for the film "Step Forward." I then worked as a coach for a couple of years, and Jenna helped me develop in the profession.

For any trainer, the main indicator of his work is the excellent form of his clients. Many looked at Jenna, thought: "Oh, I want the same!" - and they came to me for training. The difference in working with ordinary people and with stars is in the graph. For celebrities, the schedule is scheduled by minute, so it has to be changed and agreed upon a million times in order to integrate sports into the daily plan. Jenna sometimes cuts down on training because she urgently needs to run away to the meeting.

Each of my clients, regardless of the degree of fame, receives cool full-fledged training. In the past I was engaged in dancing, so I like to add dance elements to a warm-up or hitch. All my trainings are consistent and not without a bit of humor. I think that it is the coach’s easy approach that inspires a person to run to training with joy. I do not think that if you train the stars, you can be considered elected.

It is easy to overestimate yourself here, because even famous people have different requirements and opportunities. But of course, the inscription on the business card "Coach Jessica Alba" helps in the work.

Clients: Chloe Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara.

- It’s wrong to think that celebrities go to fitness trainers in a crowd. Rather, it comes about by chance.

They often tell me that they came to me on the advice of an agent, manager or doctor. I like clients who like to work hard. Stars are usually among them because they need real results. Celebrities have specific goals. For example, if someone is planning to act in a music video, we work out the mobility of the knees and develop endurance.

Professionalism does not depend on who the coach trains. You may not have experience with famous clients, but be a phenomenal trainer. Or engage with a business owner in a small town and become a local celebrity. I am currently working on creating my own fitness room and developing a room at Dream Hollywood, one of the best in Los Angeles. This will help customers train in even more comfortable conditions.

Customers: Cindy Crawford, Kelly Osbourne

- In 2006, I founded my own company of premium fitness Blue Clay Fitness. We have been working with Cindy Crawford since 2008. Ten years ago I worked exclusively with the Power Plate fitness system, the principle of which is based on technological vibrations. One of the simulators was then bought by Cindy Crawford, and I was instructed to show all the advantages of the system to a star client. So we met.

I think the key to success when working with famous people is complete trust. For example, I never posted a photo of Cindy without her permission, so she knew that there would be no catch in training. I trained Kelly and Sharon Osbourne for a long time, went with them to England. I think the main thing in working with celebrities is not to put anyone on a pedestal. Everyone is equal.

It doesn’t matter who you are - in training you will give all your best. Planning in my work is the biggest horror. Some clients like to practice early in the morning, others in the middle of the day, and others closer to night. Every day I move between Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Brentwood and Malibu. First of all, I’m a mother of two children, and only then a trainer.

Therefore, I try to spend any free minute with the children.

Clients: Carrie Underwood, Martina McBride, Jana Kramer, Kelsey Ballerini, Aubrey Sellers.

- I know for sure that all my clients will know about me from each other. Either they communicate in person, or their teams recommend me. With famous people whose time is running out, we often train on FaceTime.

It's funny, but just as hard as during personal sessions. At first I was terribly uncomfortable because I train the best singers in America. But then I realized: this is my advantage!

Clients: Kate Hudson, Courtney Love, Goldie Hawn.

- My first known client was Courtney Love in 1997. At that time, I worked for Maria Winsor, a famous trainer, in a small studio in Los Angeles.

I will never forget how I went for an interview with Mary. She told me: "At 12 o'clock I train Madonna, so come in at an o'clock." Thanks to this studio, I started working with Courtney. We met Kate Hudson, too, thanks to her, on her advice Hudson came to my class. I am a Pilates trainer - I have been teaching for 20 years.

Last time in training we use TRX and yoga exercises. I always do my work in a quality manner, no matter who is in front of me - an ordinary girl or the owner of the Golden Globe.



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