To work with a dog: why Russian companies allow employees to take pets to the office

Scientists from Michigan State University


that the presence of a dog in the office increases the level of trust between colleagues and the cohesion of the team. Researchers from Kentucky


that animals make the atmosphere more friendly, help employees cope with stress.

Employees of 14et-friendly companies note that the ability to take a pet with them eliminates their guilt. In a survey conducted in North Carolina, about half of respondents said their productivity increases if they take their pet to the office. At the same time, 20% of respondents said that the animal distracts them.

The leaders of some Russian companies believe that pets can disrupt the usual way of life and comfort of employees, adversely affect their health (allergy is possible). Fearing such consequences, large Russian companies (including, for example, the digital giant Yandex) forbid workers to bring animals to the office.

But there have been less direct bans lately. In Russia, there are spaces for work, fully adapted so that employees can take pets with them. Here is some of them.



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