“This is crazy”: the first day of the ROSA RUN festival in the stories and photos of the participants

The ROSA PEAK race is a vertical track, the climb on it is 1,150 meters. The time limit is two hours, the length of the route is six kilometers. Over these six kilometers, the landscape changes radically: the participants began to run in the heat, and finished knee-deep in the snow in the mountains.

The race was very difficult, even experienced runners spoke about it. "I was very tired, it was hard," said Anton Gorodetsky, deputy chief editor of maximonline.

ru. - “Until today I thought that the hardest race in my life was a gladiator race, but nothing like that, ROSA PEAK turned out to be more difficult. On the last climb I started to slide, I had to stop. Every time you think that everything is already, a new stage begins. In general, I run half marathons, but this route turned out to be much heavier than the half marathon.


The co-founder of the ROSA RUN festival, Vladimir Voloshin, was a little easier. “Everything went fine,” he said. “Special thanks to the organizers and partners for the weather. ROSA RUN always goes on the sunniest and warmest days. When I first ran the ROSA PEAK race, they gave me a time limit of 40 minutes.

In 40 minutes I I managed to climb only 500 meters. Therefore, I am very glad that this year we made a limit of two hours: even beginners had the opportunity to get to the top. For one of my friends this was the first training in my life. In 2 hours 13 minutes we went up - and enjoyed it a lot. At some point, when you run by the track - especially before a big climb - it seems like some kind of madness is happening.

This year more than 800 people from 30 cities and several countries took part in the race. Many came to compete with children, husbands and wives.

In 2019, we will prepare an even more interesting program: we plan to make it more eventful and add something new - maybe a trail or an evening run. Rosa Khutor Resort provides great opportunities for any sports events - including cross-country. So in 2019 ROSA RUN will be with a new content.




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