Things to do on November Holidays: 8 ideas for an active weekend

When: November 2, 16:00

Where: lecture hall "Sport- Marathon ", st. 5th Kozhukhovskaya, 10

Lecture will be given by geographer by education, researcher at the Higher School of Urban Studies of the Higher School of Economics and traveler Catherine Dyba . All summer 2019, Catherine traveled to Kamchatka, working at the Snowave surf school and organizing tourist trips for friends. Ekaterina Dyba will tell you whether it is possible to learn to surf in Russia , how the surf community in Kamchatka lives, how to skate on a board in cold water and how to organize a trip to this peninsula with stunningly beautiful nature.

How much: free

When: 2 and November 3

Where: N79ke BOX Msk

Recently, N126ke launched the project ALL FOR 1 dedicated to the culture of modern street dance.

This weekend at N152ke BOX Msk will be dedicated to for hip hop, house and popping. Discussions, lectures and master classes will be held by the FarForYo team of artists, as well as the expert on the reggae-ragga-jungle Ste7889a Style. At the dance jam session, participants will be able to fight in the dancehall battle. The winner is waiting for a pair of N191ke A232r Force 1 sneakers. registration is required to participate in events.

How much: free

Things to do on November Holidays: 8 ideas for an active weekend

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When: November 3, 9:30

Start Location: ad292das RunBase Luzhnetskaya nab. , d. 24, between pages 19 and 20

For example, with the running club adidas Runners. Weekly long jogging will be held on Sunday on the Vorobyovy Gory, the route will pass along the embankments of the Moscow River.

You can run 10, 12 or 14 km at a pace from 5:30 min / km to 6:45 min / km - depending on the chosen group. On the basis of adidas RunBase you can leave things and take a shower after training. Do not forget to get dressed for the weather. To participate, you must register .

How much: free

When: November 3 , 14:00

Where: TC Aviapark

Teams of four can take part in the master class a person - for example, a family or a group of friends.

At Aviapark Studio, chef Pavel Shitikov will teach you how to cook Greek moussaka and Cypriot salad with grapefruit and soft cheese. At the master class, each participant will be prepared a personal workplace equipped with everything necessary, they will be provided with cooking products, tea, coffee and refreshments from the studio. The master class will take two hours, dishes can be tasted on the spot and taken with you.

How much: 5 000 rubles

Things to do on November Holidays: 8 ideas for an active weekend

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When: November 2, 3, 4 at 15:00

Where : Rock the cycle studio, st.

1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya, 26

Yes, yes, at the same time. Every day in the studio Rock the cycle are unusual cyclic training. You can not only pedal them well, but also watch a movie, listen to music. Parties are held here on Fridays - on the cycle, of course. Places on them run out very quickly.

Invite a friend or loved one with you to combine watch a movie with a powerful workout.

How much: 990 rubles

Things to do on November Holidays: 8 ideas for an active weekend

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When: November 4, 15:00

Where: Course lane , 17, p. 1, "House of Engineer"

A two-hour lecture of the educational platform "Synchronization" will be conducted by practicing psychologist and member of the Federation of Educational Psychologists of Russia Anastasia Ponomarenko. She will explain why our time is considered nervous, what is social stress disorder, p why people adapt to changes in different ways, is there a universal way to survive changes and how to cope with stress in "era of change.


How much: 900 rubles

When: before November 24

Where: Moscow Museum of Modern Art, ul. Petrovka, 25

The first large-scale retrospective Yoko Ono in Russia. In the exhibition "The sky is always clear" will be presented "Instructions" , which the public first saw back in the 1960s. "Instructions" cover topics of physicality, human vulnerability, freedom of action, freedom of choice and invite viewers to interact with each other. "Instructions" can be compared with musical scores and with hoku.

There is a lot of interactivity at the exhibition - try to create something new from the fragments of dishes using scotch tape or play chess, in which the board consists only of white cells.

How much: 350 rubles

When: each day

Where: Federation Tower, Moscow City

Observation deck Panorama 360 located on the 89th floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow City at an altitude of 327 meters above the ground. From the highest observation deck in Europe offers breathtaking views of Moscow. You can go up there yourself by buying a ticket online or locally, or as part of a group. The guide will tell about the city and the towers of the business complex.

By the way, on Panorama 360 you can arrange a date. To do this, you need to leave a request in advance on the site.

How much: 1200 rubles



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