The story of Sergey Grin: how to cope with a dangerous disease and, having lost skin and lost sight, start running

Sergey Grin was diagnosed with Lyell's syndrome - as a result, he lost 100% of the skin. Hell pain, untimely medical care, dependence on morphine, almost complete loss of vision. But even these troubles did not prevent him from running ultramarathons, writing books, and simply loving life. Below is his story.

- Have you watched the movie "The Matrix"? Almost the same thing happened to me as the main character: I swallowed a pill and life turned upside down.

Twelve years ago my temperature rose. I took anti-flu. After a while, a rash appeared on the body. Lyell's syndrome did not appear immediately - for the first three days, doctors diagnosed measles rubella. Now, having received a medical education in absentia, I understand that this disease is really very difficult to diagnose.

At first I ended up in the infectious ward, then I was sent to the emergency room of the intensive care unit. There my skin was blistered and peeled off for 15 minutes. My body turned into a huge bloody wound. With burn lesions of the skin, more than 50% rarely survive. Imagine that in my case - 100% damage to the skin and 100% damage to the mucous membrane of the internal organs.

I was given an injection, after which I forgot about the pain. Then another shot. Morphine. I lived in hallucinations and sometimes because of them I hurt myself. I felt myself moving away from my own self.

Doctors have missed the fact that with Lyell's syndrome (otherwise with "boiled meat syndrome") the eyes suffer greatly. An ophthalmologist should come on the very first day. However, he came to me in the thirty-first. As a result, my eyelids curled up and my eyelashes cut out the cornea. An infection has come into my eyes.

Then, due to a massive chemical attack, they burnt my tear bag. I do not have my own tears. I drip into my eyes every minute.

No one believed that I would survive. I will always remember the conversation of the doctors in my ward:

- Did you order the medicine for Green? He is unlikely to reach tomorrow.

Try to understand what was happening in my head when I was already buried alive. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t — my mouth fell apart, I wanted to open my eyes, but after the skin got off, blood clotted on them. I remembered the voices. When I got to my feet, I stood for hours at the administrative part of the hospital and tried to hear these voices. If I heard them then, I would bite my teeth in the throat of their owners.

But God was merciful. I burned out. I realized that I need to live on.

Although suicidal thoughts came to mind. The first time was when I was in a hospital bed.

Tired of pain. But stopped. The second time I remember more clearly. After another treatment, he stayed with a friend in Moscow - he lived on the 13th floor. He even wrote a line about it: "Thirteenth floor.

Window. Cornice. Get on the cornice - and down." I then gained weight after hormones - weighed 117 kilograms. He could not stand on his feet for more than five minutes.

I thought it would be better for everyone: the wife will gobble up a bit and somehow arrange her life further, and the child was still small - I would quickly get used to the new dad. However, I stopped again: not for that, because I got out of all this in order to kill myself.

The story of Sergey Grin: how to cope with a dangerous disease and, having lost skin and lost sight, start running

Photo: from the archive of Sergey

It’s hard when you had everything, and then once - and you were deprived of everything. I learned to live anew: to sit, talk, walk, open my eyes, even breathed in a new way. The first year at home I could not go beyond the toilet and the kitchen.

And then there is the need to lead a life, to do at least some things. And this is without eyes, damn it, hard! At first, I also didn’t have a “peep” at the bright spots. Over time, he began to tidy up and cook. In general, the kitchen is mine. In connection with the current sporting lifestyle, I loved very different jelly - conveniently, nutritiously and inexpensively.

After cooking, he began to make short sorties, either to the store or for a walk with the dogs. Then I still lived in Khabarovsk, and compared to Sochi, everything there is much more complicated with conditions for the disabled. Sochi - thanks to the Olympic Games - has become for me a kind of springboard for the development and realization of my own potential. It was here that I became an expert in assessing the level of accessibility of facilities for people with disabilities, here I became an artist, writer, amateur athlete. When I was in the hospital, my neighbor was a priest.

Once a woman came up to him with the question: “what is he doing all this for?” To which he calmly replied: “this is not at all, this is why.” His words were imprinted in my memory. Now I understand that without illness, I would not have become who I am now.

In Khabarovsk I lived on the fifth floor. And when a young man at age 26 rises home in several approaches, and even accompanied by wild shortness of breath - this is disgusting.

In addition, once it turned out that there was no one but me to pick up the child from the kindergarten. And the kindergarten was a kilometer from the house. An evil nurse was still on duty that day: she was going to close the kindergarten, and leave the child to wait for the parents in the lobby. Naturally, I hurried there. Every ten meters he stopped.

This unfortunate kilometer was overcome in more than half an hour. Then I could not catch my breath for another hour. Then I decided that if not for myself, then for my family I should say goodbye to kilograms.

In the area there was a piece (60 meters) of ideal asphalt, on which cars rarely passed. So, I made a “simulator” for myself there: I pulled a metal cable between the pipes and put a piece of pipe on it.

At first I just walked holding on to my hand, and then I started running. When I ran the first 50 meters, I was ready to spit out my lungs. Then it went up: 50, 70, 100 meters ...

As a result, before leaving for Sochi, it ran up to three kilometers. It was the same with push-ups. The first time I couldn’t even straighten my arms.

In general, slowly entered the regime and within five to six years brought its weight back to normal - from 117 kilograms to 85. And in 2015, running clubs appeared in my life.

I ran up to ten kilometers with them, and then the first half marathon and the marathon arrived in time. And the marathon weight - 70 kilograms - was not long in coming.

The story of Sergey Grin: how to cope with a dangerous disease and, having lost skin and lost sight, start running

Photo: from the archive of Sergey

For the past 12 years, my eyes have constantly hurt. When something hurts monotonously for a long time, a person gets tired. Morally, it is much harder than physically.

I’m not just running to keep fit. Long distances work like an anesthetic. The marathon used to be a test, now it’s meditation, an opportunity to think. While running, I unload. How can I run around the city, where crowds of people, cars and traffic lights? I always say: "Do not be surprised if you see me walking in the evening with a cane, and the next morning running in the same place with a backpack behind me.

" I walk the future running distance three to four times. In addition, I always run at low speed, so that if I suddenly crash into someone, have time to react and turn on the "reverse".

I always say that I am not doing anything supernatural. If I write, my memoirs are not sold out in a huge circulation. Nevertheless, for the second year in a row, I fall into the collection Sochi residents write about Sochi with my short stories.

Now in the process of work on two books. My paintings are also not worth millions, but people like them, they scatter around the world. If I run marathons, I have no goal to win. I do this for myself, but I do not resort to the latter. Two weeks ago, I became an ultramarathon: I ran 46 kilometers with a climb of 1,500 meters (it was a mountain marathon).

He planned, however, 52 kilometers, but he twisted his leg and decided not to aggravate the situation. After all, again - I work for myself.

The story of Sergey Grin: how to cope with a dangerous disease and, having lost skin and lost sight, start running

Photo: from the archive of Sergey

Now I have become a member of the running team, with whom I plan to win the Tiger Way challenge. The task of each team is to run the distance from Vladivostok to Sochi by the end of the year (this is 9,960 kilometers). Whoever is the first will win.

I was accepted into a strong team, proud of it. I also dream of making my exhibition where it will be truly interesting. Focusing on abroad: Melbourne, Berlin. I want to finish books. Let them be freely available - I do not consider them as a commercial project.

By the way, I had a strong desire to run a hundred kilometers. I think in a year and a half I will do it.

The story of Sergey Grin: how to cope with a dangerous disease and, having lost skin and lost sight, start running

Photo: from the archive of Sergey



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