The second international Puma Team Faster Summit ended in Miami

This year, three Puma star ambassadors awaited camp participants: eight-time Olympic champion and fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima and multiple Olympic medalist Will Clay. Each of them prepared a special program for the summit.

Usain Bolt in his training emphasized teamwork and a competitive element: the participants, having divided into groups, threw balls into a basketball hoop, played football and performed a burpe challenge. Will Clay demonstrated warm-up exercises with fitness expanders. Supermodel Adriana Lima surprised everyone: first she trained with a skipping rope, and then worked out boxing techniques in sparring with Usain Bolt.

In addition to star training, the Summit program included a relaxing Body Flex session. amp; Chill using a massage fitness video, Vedic meditation course, acro yoga, HIIT training with dance elements, unusual Animal Flow training, lectures, workshops and public talk with Usain Bolt. Each of the participants of the Puma Team Faster trained in clothes and shoes from the new collection of the brand, which will go on sale only next year.



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