The man ran 418 kilometers to be hired by Nike

It took the Frenchman Assad El Meluqui of Besancon (a city in the east of France) nine days to reach his destination, Nike's headquarters in Paris. With his act, Assad wanted to show how much he wants to work in the company.

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with reference to the newspaper

Le Parisien

, in the Nike building, the man was first met as an ordinary job applicant and asked to sit in the waiting room. However, then the situation changed - all the employees of the PR department flew into the room and arranged a joyful reception for the candidate. It turned out that they were aware of his initiative and closely watched his journey on Twitter.

Unfortunately, El Melyuki was never hired. But company employees advised contacting the head office in the Netherlands. Well, it seems that the man has a new journey.

Just Do It, Assad!



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