“The main thing is to embed the child in your life, and not adapt to the new reality.” Julia Berg on the birth of a son and ultramarathon

I trained according to individual plans with a trainer, both times I trained for four to five months. Maximum training ran 50 kilometers. The ups and downs, long crosses and competent recovery were obligatory. In 2014, Alexei Dyuzhakov, our friend, and now my son’s godfather, took part in the launch with us. In relatives we take only Comrades finishers! On the spot, we met athlete Oleg Silkin, who is now of the same blood with us, not otherwise.

Thus, by the start day, our team totaled five people. This is now the number of participants from Russia striving for a hundred, and then the suspense excited the blood - no more than ten people flew from Russia in 2014, and it seems that everyone except us were professional runners. No, I don’t boast, it’s just important for understanding: we knew almost nothing about the race.

When the runners hear the words "ultramarathon", "Africa", "mountains", they imagine the trail, but everything is much worse. The track runs along the asphalt, while there are no even sections at all.

This is South Africa. Yes, at this time there is winter, but the sun is constantly shining, the air temperature is about + 25-30 degrees. In the first year of participation, we were not psychologically prepared, the main difficulties in the race were related to overcoming ourselves. I refused to believe that even after serious preparation already at 30 km it was difficult and unbearably painful for me. And it was even harder to believe that I was able to run all 90 kilometers - it seemed that the limit of possibilities had been reached.

In 2014, I ran with my husband. He dragged me uphill by the hand, watered, fed, encouraged, was nearby when I roared in three streams of pain at the 70th kilometer, and tried to keep up with me when I was able to cheerfully escape from the last forces for the last ten kilometers. In 2015, I improved my time - from 9 hours 40 minutes to 9 hours 7 minutes. For half an hour! According to tradition, the runner who finished Comrades two years in a row gets the second Back to Back medal at the finish line, which shows two runners.



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