The Love Syndrome Foundation will hold a charity cycling marathon


In Moscow, the Rock-Cycle studio on March 23 will host a charity cycling marathon of the Love Syndrome Foundation, dedicated to World Down Syndrome Day. The marathon will consist of seven races. The task of the participants is to wind the maximum number of kilometers in 45 minutes under the guidance of an instructor. At the end of each race, the participant who has left the farthest will be awarded. Based on the results of the entire cycling marathon, three winners will be announced with the largest mileage within 45 minutes.

The foundation held its first charity cycling marathon on December 15, 2018. It was attended by IRONSTAR, ROSNEFT Triathlon, Sberbank Triathlon Team, Sibur Triathlon Team, VTB Bank, Legrand Russia and the CIS, Rullez Team and Troika Estate.



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