The future of sports equipment that has already arrived

- London, Soho district. I'm going to NTC training - Nike Training Club right now. It takes me about an hour to get ready: yes, I know it takes a long time. But the fact is that just an hour and a half ago, they sent me a new collection of Nike Tech Pack - a whole suitcase - to my hotel room. When I unpacked it, I could not restrain myself and almost squealed with delight: things were so beautiful and functional that they immediately fell in love with me.

I just couldn’t choose what I want to go to training for - maybe pink leggings? Well, no, it's too much, I’ll leave them for Moscow. A beautiful white sleeveless top, but with a throat, made from super-tech fabric similar to neoprene? Of course, where would I be without him! I’m already dreaming of how to put it on some cool event and everyone will ask where I got such beauty from. And I will talk about the Tech Pack collection, because I already know pretty well about it. Where from? I'll tell you now.

The main feature of this collection is its versatility.

That is, no matter what you do (yoga, functional training, running - whatever), you do not need to choose what to wear. Any Nike Tech Pack item will do.

Again, we’ll be a little time-borne. It's still Thursday, but not five in the afternoon, but in the early morning. We are escorted to a top-secret space, again in the Soho area - I didn’t even know that there are such people.

The bottom line is this: when a world-famous celebrity unexpectedly arrives in London, he receives an invitation from Nike to visit, let’s say, the showroom. But this showroom is not in its classical form. This is truly a closed and secret space, the entrance to which is allowed only to the elect of this world. And hell, how nice it is sometimes to feel like one of them. Joke! It's just here that we meet with those who came up with the Tech Pack, as well as with one of the fastest women on earth - Dina Escher-Smith, the UK record holder in the 100 and 200 meters.

The future of sports equipment that has already arrived

Dina Asher-Smith

The future of sports equipment that has already arrived

We start with the public current. In addition to Dina, Kurt Parker, vice president of Nike, and his colleague Jessica Lomax participate in it. They are both responsible for fashion design at the company.

Kurt begins first. He tells how the idea of ​​a new collection was born.

The fact is that the company is constantly developing developments that help professional athletes achieve maximum results. But the technologies that are commonly used to create such collections rarely reach the average consumer. Tech Pack is an exception to the rule. For example, Dina Escher-Smith is already training hard in these clothes and is very pleased. She looks stunning - and says she selects things from the new collection not only for the track, but also for ordinary life.

For example, when Dina was still at university, she loved to mix sports and everyday things - it turned out spectacularly. She practices the same thing now.

The future of sports equipment that has already arrived

Jessica and Kurt

Now Jessica enters. When creating the collection, she kept in mind that clothing should be both technological, comfortable and super stylish. Take even her daily routine.

Now Jessica lives in New York, where the rhythm of life is crazy (ha, us Muscovites, you won’t be surprised by this). Every day she tries to do sports, such as yoga, but carrying a bag with sportswear is not very convenient. That is why Tech Pack things are made with the expectation that you put them on in the morning, run in meetings or sit in the office, and in the evening go to training, after which, for example, you change only a T-shirt or leggings. Sneakers, outerwear - all this looks great not only in the gym.

The future of sports equipment that has already arrived

The future of sports equipment that has already arrived

After the public current, I go to Jessica.

I say that I am engaged in functional training, so I can’t go to work and to the gym in the same way. Jessica replies that it all depends, of course, on the intensity of training, but I can easily combine things from this collection with anything. Here I agree, because I love to mix something sports, for example, with heels. I really love Nike ACG and always get compliments when I wear a white sports jacket from this collection, a bright blouse and a maxi skirt. This is nothing fundamentally new: sports fashion has become influential since the 70s.

But of course, she reached the peak of her influence right now. Cristiano Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova - millions are guided by how they dress in everyday life, and try to copy the style of their favorites. We constantly monitor the social networks of athletes and often pick up the trends that they set.

Dina Asher-Smith has 90 thousand followers on Instagram, but she does not think that she is an influencer for all athletics fans. Athletes have almost no free time, they are constantly training, and most importantly for them, so that the clothes are not only beautiful, but also comfortable.

Finally, I ask what advice she can give to those who want to feel confident. She says things should be liked first. Yes, heels look cool, but sneakers are a more practical thing. It is important for us that it is convenient, then we smile, then we are in a good mood and radiate the right energy.

The future of sports equipment that has already arrived

Dina Asher-Smith

Dina says an important thing.

Recently, we began to live more consciously, concentrate on what we had not paid so much attention to before. Therefore, the clothes became more comfortable: convenience came to the fore, and sportswear began to look much like everyday. And personally it seems to me that this is high.

Oh yes, I almost forgot - remember where we started? So, the training went well. The clothes turned out to be super convenient, and I already figured out how I would combine these things not only with each other, but also with skirts, trousers and heels.

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