The first woman from Russia to reach the finish line of a seven-day bicycle race in the Alps: “Your muscles and bike become a single system”

Why did I choose a bike? Firstly, due to the effect of high speed. Secondly, a bicycle is a complex technical device, and you can control it. Your muscles and bike become a single system. I really like to overcome the slopes, turns, climbs.

The famous Haute Route in the Alps was my first serious competition.

In 2016, Andrei Zhukov, co-founder of Pro Trener, invited me to participate in it. I remember that day well. We were at the premiere of the film "Eddie Eagle", we got out under the impression, and then Andrei said: "Do you have a weak Haute Route?" I will not hide, it was flattering. If an athlete offers this, then I already imagine something like a cyclist. I succumbed to the provocation, my coach Andrei Kotkov supported the idea, and we had six months to prepare.

On average, I trained 15 hours a week: I did cardio workouts (in order to prepare the cardiovascular system) and functional (thanks to which the musculoskeletal system is supported and muscle strength develops ), and recovery (stretching, swimming, Pilates). On Saturday and Sunday, classes lasted three to four hours, no more than two hours in a week. She trained, as a rule, in the morning (in the summer, fortunately, it is already light). I got up at five in the morning to have time to arrive on the track, and at ten to be at work.



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