The first Russian triathlon championship for the blind was held in Sochi

In the framework of the IRONSTAR triathlon competition, blind athletes, as well as athletes with other health features, took to the start.

On June 1, Sochi hosted the IRONSTAR triathlon competition. Participants overcame the “semi-iron” distance: they sailed one mile, rode a bike 90 kilometers and ran a half marathon. 1/8 of the classic distance was available: 750 meters of swimming, 20 kilometers by bicycle and 5 kilometers by run.

Since 2015, the start of people with health problems at IRONSTAR has been supported by the Sports for Life charity foundation.

The Foundation organizes a trip to competitions, prepares athletes, and supplies equipment for the race. Visually impaired and blind people, deaf-blind athletes, athletes with cerebral palsy and amputations overcome the distance with the help of guide leaders. This year, within the framework of IRONSTAR, the Russian triathlon championship for the blind was held for the first time. It was attended by 18 tandems.

Photo: fund “Sport for Life”

Among men, the winners of the Russian championship were Oleg Antipin and his leader Alexander Antonov, the second place was taken by Nikita Gusev and his leader Sergey Shatrygin, the third place was Artyom Eganyan and his leader Yuri Pylsky.

Among the women, Ksenia Vyborny and her leader Alena Zubova became the first, the second - Lyudmila Taranskaya and her leader Tatyana Orlova, the third were Victoria Klenova and Svetlana Kosheleva.

"We are grateful to the Sport for Life Foundation for its work and for the fact that such a championship finally took place. We need movement, we need to show that athletes with such opportunities can participate in competitions, that they are trying and overcome themselves. We want that people get off the couch and follow us. So they cheer up and take an example from us, "say participants in the Russian triathlon championship for the blind, Lyudmila Taranskaya and her leader Tatyana Orlova.

Photo: fund “Sport for Life”

Photo: Sports for Life Foundation

"The Russian triathlon championship for the blind is an important step for our country," said Anastasia Pletmintseva, director of the Sport for Life fund, - our foundation He began to develop amateur sports for visually impaired, blind, deaf-blind people in Russia five years ago. . Dancing IRONSTAR competitions Russian Championship Triathlon for the blind - the first stage, will now need to identify the strongest athletes to represent Russia at the upcoming Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 ".



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