The first educational site for creative professions has opened in Russia

The site is built on the principle of operation of platforms of massive open online courses. The training is aimed at various disciplines: concepting, strategies, branding, storytelling, creating video and music content. The creators of the resource were the founders of the Russian agency Friends Moscow Maxim Ponomarev, Arina Avdeeva, Denis Eliseev and Alexander Zavatsky.

MADS offers training, different in time and format: author’s courses, master classes and webinars, long-term educational courses with practical exercises, development of own projects. The site is suitable for marketing specialists, brand managers, art directors, strategists, startups, journalists, engineers and other representatives of creative professions.

Practitioners from Western and Russian creative agencies and companies became teachers: Google ZOO creative director Andreas Toscano, N = 5 creative director Zvir Veldhoen, TUTKOVBUDKOV co-founder Dmitry Tyutkov, Banda co-founder and creative director Pavel Vrzeszcz, Creative Director of ADV Digital Augusto Moreno dos Angos and many others.

MADS collaborates with The One Club for Creativity, the largest organization engaged in the development of the creative industry in the world. Thanks to this, you can upload your portfolios for creative agencies on the resource, receive their comments and work.

MADS will host Portfolio Night in Russia for the first time, organized by The One Club. Famous people will appreciate the work of beginner Russian talents, the author of the best portfolio will become a member of the Portfolio Night All-Stars program.

Together with the winners from other countries, he will go to New York, where he will create a creative solution for a famous international brand.



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