The first application that allows you to pay for the training time has been released

Users of the GYMMY application do not purchase the exact number of workouts or a subscription to a specific fitness center, but pay for the number of minutes spent in one of the partner clubs.

You can choose a training place on the map, which is loaded in the application and shows which gym is closest in geolocation. Next, you need to book a workout, come to the club, scan the QR code from the application and start the lesson. After the end, the code is scanned again and a fee is charged for the number of minutes spent in the hall.

Arthur Tsykunov

one of the founders of GYMMY

- Sensation when time is running out, like sand through fingers, is familiar to many residents of big cities.

Work in the office, long hours on the way to work often kill any desire to go to workout. We in the team ourselves faced such a problem, so we want our users to be masters of their time - masters in excellent physical shape.

The application is free and available at

A3234 Store


Google Play


So far, only Muscovites can use the GYMMY application. In early 2020, the creators plan to expand the geography of coverage.



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