The final fitness festival “Reebok. Become a Man

During the festival, a traditional test run was held, in which more than 1,000 teams of 6,000 people participated. The teams of the Standard category ran 7 kilometers and completed 12 tasks, while the Elite teams covered 10 kilometers and 17 trials. Participants climbed over a mesh wall, passed through an inclined corridor, performed synchronous squats with sports pancakes on outstretched arms, and did much more.

Meanwhile, on the central platform, the Les Mills program coaches presented new releases on Body Jam, Tone, Bode Pum14, Barre and other areas. For men, they organized a special combat zone, and the girls engaged in copyright programs from Reebok brand ambassadors.

Festival guests also tried to do neon yoga, boxing, stretching, zumba, rhythmic gymnastics and Irish dancing.

The organizers paid special attention to the separate collection of waste: containers for collecting plastic bottles, cups and lids were installed on the territory. During the festival, 75 kg of secondary raw materials were collected and sent for processing.

Look for the table with the results of the race on the official website , and photos from the event in the group "VKontakte" .



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