The figure of the day: the world record for eating bigmaks

Donald Gorske eats an average of 14 big macs per week. According to the man, since he ate his first bigmack (and that was 44 years ago), there will be only eight days, during which he did not eat a single sandwich. As a rule, a 65-year-old American buys bigmaki in advance, and then heats them in the microwave as necessary (sometimes you have to freeze hamburgers in the freezer). Gorske records in his notebook when and where he eats big macs, while retaining every check.

It is noteworthy that Donald's diet is only 2,100 calories per day (with an increase of 188 centimeters a man weighs 83 kilograms).

How does he succeed? Yes, he just doesn’t eat anything else (at least, Don says so).

Well, what can I say, Donald! The Challenger editors accepted the challenge!



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