The figure of the day: how much money Russians spent on dietary supplements last year

According to the data of the monthly retail audit of the Russian pharmaceutical market DSM Grou4 (the results are published on the website


), compared with the previous year, sales of dietary supplements decreased by 0, 6% in monetary terms and by 8.4% in packages. Negative dynamics is largely associated with a decrease in incomes of the population - the Russians prefer drugs that are indicated for certain conditions. Supplements can not be considered a necessary tool, rejection of them does not affect the state of health.

The decrease in sales in pharmacy retail could be affected by some changes in sales channels, for example, increased online trading, as well as the scrutiny of inspection bodies on some groups of supplements.

However, according to Alexander Zhestkov, executive director of the SRO Union of Food Supplement Manufacturers, from 2017 to 2018, despite the economic situation in the country, the Russian market underwent a significant redistribution in favor of expensive dietary supplements. This is due to the fact that "they became interested in the young solvent population."

It is important to remember: the effectiveness of dietary supplements

has not been proven

. Since the composition of these additives is poorly controlled, there is no need to talk about their safety. In addition, dietary supplements can be poorly combined with other drugs, weakening or enhancing their effect.

In no case should you substitute such supplements with medicines prescribed by your doctor.



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