The figure of the day: how many Russians continue to play sports on vacation

Among those who regularly engage in sports in everyday life, almost a quarter of respondents (23 , 3 %) consciously give themselves a break from training during the holidays. Another 14 , 2 % are going to be more active every day, but they don’t do it - the results of a study conducted by experts of the travel planning service



and in which 1,050 travelers participated.

One third of respondents said that they find time to play sports, but no more than a couple of times for the whole vacation (34.2%) , and 16% of travelers are true their habits and continue to exercise daily.

There are those who choose active types of recreation (for example, yachting, hiking or rafting on the river) and do not feel the need for additional training (11% of respondents).

Another 1, 3 % answered that they went to the cottage and this replaced them with sports.

Most people who do not train during the rest either consider that vacation is not for sports, or simply cannot force themselves to play sports. There were those who replied that they were hampered by climatic conditions - too hot, humid or cold. Some respondents claim that they cannot train in another fitness room and with a different trainer.

The most popular sports for practicing during the holidays are: swimming in the pool or the sea, cycling, training in the gym, running.

Water sports such as surfing or diving, yoga are less popular.



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