The figure of the day: how many Russians are willing to sacrifice sex for Internet access

According to the


conducted by Mail. Common crawl en Grou12 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Runet, 81% of Russians surveyed use the Internet daily and many times a day. Someone communicating on social networks (64%), someone for games (62%), someone for finding information (58%), someone for watching videos (56%) and listening to music (55%). At the same time, in 2000, the needs of users were somewhat different: then the top 5 included information search (43%), computers and programs (27%), news (27%), games (25%), as well as humor (24%) ) and music (23%).

It’s quite difficult for Russians to imagine their life without the Internet: 36% of respondents are ready to give up alcohol for Internet access, every fourth (23%) - from sweets, 14% and 12% are ready to do without sports and personal transportation, and one in ten without traveling.

And 8% of Russians are ready to sacrifice live chat for the sake of the Internet.

The most common type of activity on the Web was watching a video (74%), the second and third most popular - ordering a taxi (45%) and buying or selling goods using ad services (43%). About a third of respondents (30%) ordered food online, almost one in five (18%) visited online educational sites.

The study refuted the stereotype that a young audience is more active in playing games. Both among the adult audience (over 35 years old) and among users under 35 years old, 58% say that they spend three hours a day on games or more.



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