The European Parliament passed a law banning disposable plastic utensils

Ten items of plastic products were banned, including drinking straws, forks, knives, cotton buds with a plastic base, plastic packaging for food and drinks. This initiative is not only a measure of counteracting global pollution, but also a call for all producers to direct their efforts and resources to the development of processing technologies. So, according to the law, from EU countries must collect and process at least


bottles of different drinks by


Previously, some countries (France was the first in Europe) and companies (Starbucks, Garage Museum of Modern Art) already refused to use plastic products.

Due to the low decomposition rate, plastic accumulates in the seas, oceans and beaches, which leads to environmental pollution and the death of animals x , fish and birds.

According to the European Commission, plastic accounts for 85% of all garbage in the oceans. About half of these plastic products are disposable.

According to the European Commission, there are 31.1 kilograms of plastic waste per year for a European citizen. On average, about a third of plastic waste in the EU is recyclable, the remaining waste is exported.

Not so long ago we talked about a whale that died due to eaten garbage. Packets from supermarkets and 16 bags of rice were found in his stomach.



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