The eleventh fitness festival Reebok. Become a Man

The organizers are preparing a large-scale open-air program for ten thousand people. The festival participants will be the winners of regional races from Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and Kazan. It offers 120 hours of workshops and lectures from experts in fitness and a healthy lifestyle. In front of the main stage, there will be training sessions under the Les Mills program, which includes Body Jam, Tone, Bode Pum8, Barre and other directions.

There will also be intensive cycling classes.

Additionally, women's and men's zones will be organized, where fitness experts and Reebok ambassadors will conduct their master classes and trainings. Also, everyone can attend classes in yoga, boxing, stretching, zumba and Irish dancing.

In addition to the sports program, the organizers also pay attention to environmental issues: they will put special boxes on the territory where old things can be handed over for recycling.

Fitness festival "Reebok.

Become a man" will be held at the address: st. Krylatskaya, d. 2, rowing canal. You can find out the details, the full schedule and register on the official website .



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