The Doctor Stoletov network will conduct a free survey of Reebok. Become a Man

The fitness event will last more than 120 hours. Registered participants will get acquainted with the updated Les Mills, Cycle programs and mini-trampoline exercises. Famous fighters and brand ambassadors will conduct MMA training. A running zone, a two-day yoga marathon from teachers from Russia, Canada, India and much more will be organized.

The organizers of the project focus on a sporting lifestyle and training that are safe for health.

During the festival, Doctor Stoletov will establish a mobile clinic with professional medical equipment, where participants can get medical advice, undergo fitness testing and sports screening. Thanks to this, it will be possible to track how the body reacts to different levels of stress, determine the general condition and speed of recovery after training. The doctor will present a conclusion with acceptable loads, restrictions and contraindications.

Registered participants are also awarded 100 points on the loyalty card "# Yabuudit 100let" using a special QR code, which is activated from a mobile phone. Bonus points can be spent in the network of Doctor Stoletov pharmacies.

To register at "Reebok. Become Human" and find out the details of the bonus program, please here .



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