The development of physical qualities

The main goal of physical education is to ensure the proper development of physical qualities. Physical qualities mean morphological and functional qualities (the external and internal structure of a person, the capabilities of his body), due to which physical activity is possible and the motor activity of the body. The main physical criteria: Strength, endurance, dexterity, speed, flexibility.

Strength - the ability to overcome external resistance or to resist it through muscle tension. The development of strength is accompanied by thickening, densification and growth of muscle fibers.

Endurance is the ability to withstand physical fatigue during muscle activity. There are two types of endurance: general and special.

Dexterity - the ability to quickly, accurately, economically solve motor tasks. The main means of educating agility are physical exercises of increased coordination complexity and containing elements of novelty.

Speed ​​ - a set of functional properties of the body that determine the speed characteristics of movements, as well as motor response.

Means of developing speed are competitive special exercises performed at maximum speed, speed-strength exercises, outdoor and sports games.

Flexibility - the ability to perform exercises with large amplitude. Flexibility depends on the elasticity of muscles, ligaments, joint bags; it is associated with the factor of heredity, it is influenced by age, regular exercise.

There are popular directions for the development of their physical qualities, each direction has its own advantages, each develops the skills described above to various degrees. Therefore, if you want to develop something specific, you should understand the essence of the sports described below.

The development of physical qualities


All of the following are areas of fitness (fitness), which in English means "Good shape", " Be in good shape". This is a system of physical exercises that strengthen the body of an athlete.


Bodybuilding is the process of building and developing muscles through exercise with weights and high-energy nutrition with a high content of nutrients, in particular proteins, sufficient for hypertrophy of skeletal muscles.


Powerlifting is a power sport, the essence of which is to overcome the resistance of the heaviest weight for an athlete.


Crossfit - a system of physical exercises, and as a competitive sport.

Crossfit training includes elements of interval training of high intensity, weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, weight-lifting, rhythmic gymnastics, strongman exercises and others.

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The place for training athletes in these areas is the gym, which is in every city and not even one. For both the priest and the temple, the hall is important for the athlete. In each hall there are rules, there are generally accepted for all, but there are specific. You can learn more about the gym from our article!

The development of physical qualities

Training program

Training program - a system of exercises, repetitions and approaches that helps to achieve the best result in the shortest possible time time.

There is a difference between muscle loads and the results of such training. Heavy and light training days and rest days should alternate. Rest between sets is not an important thing, because you need to give your body and rest.

Constant workload can adversely affect your results. That is why there are training programs in which the training is calculated from and to.

You can familiarize yourself with examples and a more detailed description in the training program article.

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The development of physical qualities



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