The British ran a marathon in the form of a nurse and got into the Guinness Book of Records (but didn’t get right away)

Last month, Jessica Anderson overcame the distance of the London marathon and became the fastest athlete to run a marathon in the form of a nurse. But when Anderson filed her record with the Guinness Book of Records commission, she was refused, explaining that the attempt was invalid because she was wearing the “wrong” clothes. Record-fixing rules stated that the nurse's uniform should include a white or blue dress, an apron, and a traditional hat. Anderson was wearing trousers during the marathon. “I was puzzled when I read that the commission rejected my application.

Some of the nurses I work with wear dresses, but mostly we wear robes, trousers or tunics,” Anderson told Runner's World.

This decision provoked indignation in social networks. Anderson, who works at the Royal London Hospital, was also supported by fellow nurses: they began to display their photos in the form with the hashtag #WhatNursesWear (“what nurses wear”).

On May 7, the Guinness Book of Records commission revised its decision and awarded Anderson the title of the fastest marathon runner in the form of a nurse. “It has become very clear that the principles that guided us in defining the fastest marathon runner in the form of a nurse are outdated, incorrect and reflect a stereotype that we in no way want to perpetuate.

I want to take this opportunity to assure everyone concerned about that the Guinness Book of Records adheres to the highest standards of equality and inclusiveness. We apologize and bear full responsibility for the incorrect consideration of the statement of Jessica Anderson, "- says the official Mr. Announcement, Vice President, Guinness Book of Records Samantha Faye.

Anderson's finishing time was 3 hours 8 minutes and 22 seconds. She broke the record set by nurse Sarah Dajion in 2015.



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