The body of the ancient Greek god or how to learn to pull up

Pull-ups on the horizontal bar is an important exercise, no matter what goal you are pursuing, it will be useful in any workout (for mass, for relief, etc.).

This exercise is considered classic for a fit athletic figure. Moreover, it contributes to the development of the broad back, round shoulders and biceps, not less than the forearm also develops. However, learning is quite difficult without any preparation.

Pullups - an exercise that athletes of heavy sports (bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting) include in their training

"The best way to success is to fall in love with what are you doing "© Jackie Chan

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar

How, after all, to learn how to pull up? Let's look at the very first and biggest problem that all beginner athletes face.

You do not include your back in the work, but try to pull yourself up with one hand

A beginner in pull-ups still does not understand which muscles to include in the work, so he does it like sees from the side: the arms are bent ... that means you only need to pull your hands!

But no, this is a mistake, because the back plays a big role, namely the widest backs.

If they are poorly developed, that is, an exercise similar to pull-ups, which will help develop the latissimus dorsi, and is called - the pull of the upper block. The body of the ancient Greek god or how to learn to pull up

Connection of pull-ups and pull-ups of the upper block

Link and pull-ups are similar in their technique, all to the smallest detail.

Let's start with the position of the hands. All fingers, including the thumb, lie on top of the bar / crossbar, legs rest against special stops so that they are motionless. The body tilts slightly backward and the chest is extended forward (imagine that you are stretching your chest up towards the bar).

The back is straightened, arms are straightened.

The shoulders begin to move, without bending at the elbows, and as soon as you lower your shoulders to the very bottom - start pulling with the latitudinal and hands.

Work not with heavy weight, but normal for you to develop this technique, because the sooner it becomes familiar and understandable for you, the sooner you can use it with pull-ups.

As you already understood, we pull up almost the same way, we need to work our backs as on the block.

The body of the ancient Greek god or how to learn to pull up

How to learn to pull up from scratch

Many athletes are interested in the question: "How can I learn to pull up from scratch?"

I will say one thing, that the task will not be easy and it will take more than one month to train, but all individually, and someone can manage to pull themselves up normally after a month.

How to learn to pull up on the horizontal bar from scratch:

  1. You can buy rubber loops (in the photo below) with the desired traction for you (they happen different in tension). Then fix it on the horizontal bar, stand with your feet and pull yourself up. It works as if you were removed excess weight, which does not allow you to pull up. The more it turns out to pull up - the less you use gum (if there are several) or gum with less tension.

  2. In the well-equipped halls there is a simulator, which has a platform below, which works on the same principle as the elastic and simply pulls it up.

    We adjust the weight of the thrust, it remains to work.

  3. Free and more affordable - friend or acquaintance. Ask a friend or acquaintance to help you. Their task is simply to apply a little force, lifting you by the legs.

  4. Do not forget about the auxiliary exercises for the muscles that are involved (triceps, biceps, latissimus, shoulders, abs, forearms).

If you can, do not forget about the traction of the upper block, it will greatly facilitate your work.

The body of the ancient Greek god or how to learn to pull up

How to quickly learn how to pull up

Not every athlete is patient and wants to learn how to pull up as soon as possible, or maybe just at school passing standards and time is short.

Unfortunately, with poor preparation it will be difficult for a person to quickly learn to pull himself up. You will have to work hard for this.

And if you are a girl, then you will have to work even longer.

What is the reason? There are two of them:

  1. You are not a man and you do not have enough testosterone for faster results

  2. You have much less training and strength than men . Say thanks to nature and lifestyle

Therefore, to learn how to pull yourself up, it will take you about a quarter of a year, if not more. I repeat, everything is individual and depends on your desire.

The body of the ancient Greek god or how to learn to pull up


In conclusion, I want to summarize the above:

  1. To quickly pull up with poor preparation is almost impossible
  2. A girl will learn to pull herself up longer than a man
  3. For a faster result, practice the exercise - pulling the upper block, because the technique
  4. is also important. Perform also auxiliary exercises
  5. The best way to succeed is to fall in love with what you do


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